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 News from the World of Skiing 

New season, new faces: Coach changes in Cross-Country Skiing
Ismo H„m„l„inen
Pierre Mignerey

With the beginning of the new training season after a long Cross-Country winter, there have been several changes in the coaching ranks of many World Cup teams. Here is a summary of some that have come to the attention of the FIS Newsflash:

In Germany, 42-year-old Ismo H„m„l„inen (FIN) was appointed as a new training base coach in Ruhpolding. In that function, he will support Jochen Behle, the long-time head coach of the German team, in the World Cup. H„m„l„inen will be also the responsible coach for the German ladies team while Oberhof's training base coach Cuno Schreyl is responsible for the men's team. As the third training base coach in Oberwiesenthal, Janko Neuber completes the German World Cup team. The sprint training group will continue to be trained by Ismo H„m„l„inen. As additional training support in Oberhof, Andreas Schluetter - a former top athlete - will work together with Claudia Kuenzel and Manuela Henkel.

In Sweden, Per-ke Yttergard, previously Head of Nordic Disciplines, was named Head of Sport with main responsibility for the national team. Inge Braten's position as Cross-Country Head Coach will not be filled. The Swedish men's team will be coached by Bengt Sattin, replacing Thomas Alsgaard who retired earlier during the season. Sattin will be assisted by Lars Selin. Joakim Abrahamsson remains in his position as the Swedish ladies' coach along with Magnus Ingesson.

In Austria, Bernd Raupach replaced Franz Gattermann as Head Coach of the Austrian Cross-Country team. He has three training base coaches at his side: Gerald Heigl, Heinz Mhlbacher and the former World Cup athlete Alexander Marent.

There have been some small changes in the coaches' team in France as well: Pierre Mignerey has been appointed as Head of Cross-Country, replacing Jean-Pierre Burdet. Olivier Michaud, with the assistance of Anael Huard, will train the ladies' team, while the established coaching team Roberto Gal and Christophe Deloche are responsible for the men.

Following the motto `Never change a winning team,' the teams from Norway with Age Skinstad in the lead, Finland (head coach: Magnar Dalen), Estonia (head coach: Mati Alaver), USA (head coach: Pete Vordenberg), Russia (team leader: Jury Tcharkovski) and˙Slovenia (head coach: Ivan Hudac)˙will continue towards Liberec 2009 with the existing staff.

However, not all staff changes are complete yet. After the retirement of Barbara Broger as Chief of Cross-Country and the completion of the cooperation with Giachem Guidon, Swiss Ski will announce its new Cross-Country leadership as soon as possible. Following the election of a new President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation, a final confirmation of the coaching crew there is also still outstanding.

Contributed by Sandra Spitz


Enthusiastic reception for Right To Play skiing activities
Right To Play present in Are

The 2006/2007 season was the first season during which Right To Play was regularly represented in international skiing. The main pillars of the program consisted of collaboration with Worldloppet, FIS World Cup organizers in Switzerland, Norway and Germany, and a special project with the Schladming (AUT) Night Race.

Within Worldloppet, the Tartu Maraton (EST) and Birkebeinerrennet (NOR) each donated starting places, which Right To Play sold on to participants for fundraising purposes. The FIS World Cup organizers in Wengen, Adelboden, Lenzerheide, St. Moritz (all SUI), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER) and Holmenkollen (NOR) provided Right To Play with VIP tickets and accommodation which were sold through the web site. The World Cup organizers in Schladming together with ™SV supported Right To Play with a fundraising project for Thai refugees that raised _ 13.000 on the night of the race.

"Right To Play would like to take this opportunity of recognizing Worldloppet, its individual member races and the partnering FIS World Cup Organizers and their National Ski Associations for their generosity and support," said Jorn Kasine, Manager FIS Relations at Right To Play Switzerland. "We believe that Right To Play can add great value by using its channels to help promote skiing events," he added. "This year we were met with great goodwill by the skiing community. We are grateful for this and look forward to developing cooperation in the coming seasons."

For the full Right To Play FIS skiing activity report, please click here . For more information on Right To Play, please visit or


Optimizing cooperation: FIS and SRS Nordics

The annual meeting of the SRS (Ski Racing Supplier
Association) Nordic Group took place in Geneva (SUI) on Monday, 7th May. The main objective of this meeting was to review the season and consider ways to further develop the cooperation between the SRS - an organization of most ski equipment manufacturers that represents their interests in sport competitions related to event organizers and FIS Cross-Country.

Representatives of the industry, together with Jrg Capol, FIS Race Director Cross-Country, assessed the current situation and discussed ideas and issues related to logistics and infrastructure, as well as advertising and sports, amongst other things, in order to try and develop the sport.

"Cooperation with the SRS Partners is imperative to guarantee a top Cross-Country event. The industry has a big share in the success of the sport of Cross-Country skiing on the highest levels. With this meeting, we took yet another step towards optimizing our partnership," commented Capol.


 Council's Corner 

Q&A with Professor Peter Schr”cksnadel (AUT)
Professor Schr”cksnadel (AUT)

This week we feature some questions and answers with FIS Council Member Professor Peter Schr”cksnadel (AUT).

Q. You are a frequent participant in Masters ski racing competitions, including having won the Masters World Champion title in giant slalom in 2002. How do you manage to find time to train and ski regularly in addition to all your other responsibilities?

A. It is an advantage for me that I am the owner of several ski hills and it is therefore my duty to check those areas personally, too. On these occasions, I can ski very often myself and that helps me to stay in shape and have lots of technical training. The physical training has to be done at night at home after work.

Q. How important is Masters ski racing at FIS?

A. For me it is very important as it is for many others in my age.

Q. Moving on to the FIS Alpine World Cup, this season, Austria won the Nations' Cup for the 18th time, with 8 874 points more than the second-ranked nation. What do you think are the main reasons for this strength and depth for so many years?

A. In particular, it is the result of very hard work. One has to take care about all the little things that make up the whole. This includes professional work in the field of youth development, providing perfect training facilities, steady research concerning material and know-how, and many others.


 Inside FIS 

Fredy Brupbacher retires
Fredy Brupbacher
Photo: Agence Zoom
Fredy at work
Photo: Agence Zoom

After being closely involved with the FIS Alpine World Cup in various roles for some 25 years, Fredy Brupbacher (SUI) is retiring as FIS World Cup Support on the ladies' tour. Having worked with Kurt Hoch for 15 years and with Atle Skaardal for the last two years, Brupbacher attended his 500th FIS World Cup event in Zwiesel (GER) in March 2007.

A previous top athlete, he was member of the Swiss national team from 1956-1963, participating in the 1960 Olympic Winter Games in Squaw Valley (USA) and the 1958 FIS World Ski Championships in Bad Gastein (AUT) in giant slalom and downhill. After the sporting career, Brupbacher built and managed his own marketing agency specialized in buying and selling rights for FIS World Cup races internationally, among other activities.

Fredy Brupbacher, who will turn 70 in November, is planning to put his long experience to use in the marketing, sponsoring and organizational areas in other sports that involve possibly little less travel than the FIS Alpine World Cup circus. "I will surely miss the close contact with the athletes. After so many years on the road together, I had developed quite deep relationships and become almost like of father for many of them," he commented. "And in my role as equipment controller, I have to say that I was so impressed that all the ladies had beautifully clean socks, always!" There will be a farewell celebration for Fredy at the 2007/2008 season opening event in S”lden (AUT) in October 2007.


FIS Spring Meetings return to Slovenia
Hotel Bernardin, Portoroz (SLO)

After the 2002 43rd International Ski Congress, the FIS Nordic Organizers' Meeting in 2000 and the FIS Calendar Conference/Technical Committee Meetings in the spring of 1999, the FIS Council and Technical Committees will return to Portoroz (SLO) for the fourth time as the 2006 Calendar Conference will be staged there from 23rd - 27th May, 2007. More than 400 representatives of the Member National Ski Associations, Committee and Sub-Committee members, partners and officials will participate in some 230 hours of meetings held in the well-known Hotel Bernardin in Portoroz, the first and largest hotel and convention center in Slovenia. The FIS Council will hold its traditional spring meeting there as of Sunday, 28th May.

The main agenda items will include the confirmation of the FIS World Cup calendars for the 2007/2008 season. The various Technical Committees will also complete their analysis of the past season and debate various suggestions for changes in competition rules. The Committees' final proposals will then be sent to review and approval by the FIS Council.

Portoroz, literally the Port of Roses, is located on the Slovenian coast of the Adriatic Sea near the Gulf of Triest, bordering both Italy and Croatia. It is one of the main holiday resorts on the Istrian peninsula and clearly one of the FIS members' favorite destinations for meetings!


New FIS Directory now available

The May 2007 edition of the FIS Directory, previously known as the FIS Address Book and published as an appendix to the FIS Bulletin, is now available and will be sent to all listed individuals by post as of May 11th. Some copies will also be distributed at the FIS Calendar Conference and Technical Committee Meetings in Portoroz (SLO) in two weeks. A PDF version of the Directory will be made available through the Member Section of the FIS web site as well.

Should you have any comments or amends to the FIS Directory, please contact


Changes in FIS Alpine Administration
Tatjana Lssy and Christoph Boehlen

After two years in various roles, including as FIS Marketing Support and most recently as FIS Alpine Administrator, Christoph Boehlen has decided to leave FIS in the summer. FIS would like to take this opportunity to thank Christoph for all his work and wish him every success in the future.

FIS is also glad to announce that Tatjana Lssy will re-join the team following her season as a ski instructor in Ischgl (AUT). Taking over from Christoph as FIS Alpine Administrator, Tatjana will already be working a few preparatory days in Oberhofen in mid-May, while continuing full time after the Calendar Conference in Portoroz (SLO).