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 News from the World of Skiing 

2006/07 half-pipe title-holders with perfect start into new Snowboard season
Ryoh Aono (JPN)
Men's podium

Two high level half-pipe competitions - the first NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup events ever held in New Zealand - kicked off the FIS World Cup season 2007/2008. The defending FIS World Cup half-pipe title holders Manuela Laura Pesko (SUI) and Ryoh Aono (JPN) had the best starts into the new season.

The ladies' 2007 world champion Pesko turned in a nearly flawless second run to edge defending FIS World Cup snowboard cross champion Lindsey Jacobellis. Jacobellis's teammate Clair Bidez, the reigning Junior Worlds half-pipe gold medalist, completed Saturday's podium in 3rd place and secured her first FIS World Cup top three result.

Aono won the men's contest with a great first run. Iouri Podladtchikov, the Swiss-Russian dual national living in Switzerland since 11 years and now starting for his nation of residence, finished second followed by his teammate Rolf Feldmann who squared off a strong showing for the Swiss team.

The weather, which had been problematic through much of the week at the popular resort of Cardrona - located between Wanaka and Queenstown - cleared in time for good conditions.


David Kreiner (AUT) tops the FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix
David Kreiner - winner of 2007 SGP
Team sprint in Berchtesgaden (GER)

Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) captured his first summer victory in the last competition of the 10th FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix 2007 in Bischofshofen (AUT) on Sunday. David Kreiner (AUT), who finished second on his home turf, claimed top spot in the overall SGP ranking. With three victories, one 2nd and one 6th place during the five-race-series, the 26-year-old collected a total of 370 points, 28 more than Lamy Chappuis (332 points) while Bj排n Kircheisen (GER) ended up third with 236 points. Kreiner, who led the SGP ranking since his first victory in the second competition in Steinbach-Hallenberg/Oberhof (GER), also earned CHF 11'500 in prize money.

In Saturday's team sprint event in Berchtesgaden (GER), the teams from Austria and France delivered an exciting battle for the victory. Leading by 0.5 points after the jumping, the Austria I team with David Kreiner and Mario Stecher just managed to hold onto its lead and sprinted to the finish 0.2 seconds in front of France I team with Maxime Laheurte and Jason Lamy Chappuis. The points for the two-man team sprint were divided by two to award points for the individual overall Summer Grand Prix ranking.


Ladies' summer Ski Jumping concludes
High level at the North American tour
Photo: USSA
Salome Fuchs (SUI)

The summer portion of the ladies' FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping schedule came to a finish under the lights on Sunday night in Park City (USA). Both of the last two competitions had to be carried out on Sunday as erratic winds forced the rescheduling of the first competition from Saturday night. A thunderstorm also delayed the second competition on Sunday.

Daniela Iraschko of Austria - the Continental Cup points leader after the eight-event summer series - won both Sunday events. Anette Sagen (NOR), the defending Cup champion, was second each time, and is in 2nd place in the overall standings following her two victories earlier in the week in Lake Placid (USA). 16-year-old Nata de Leeuw (CAN) is ranked 3rd. The shooting star of the summer is the young Salome Fuchs of Switzerland who finished 5th and 4th in the last two competitions and is now ranked 7th in the overall standings.

The overall level of the North-American tour was very high. The top of the field has become visibly broader and any of the top ten ranked athletes could claim victory in a single event. The talented young athletes are putting pressure on their more experienced colleagues which promises exciting events on snow. The ladies' Continental Cup schedule will resume on 11th-12th December in Notodden, Norway.


IOC Coordination Commission to meet in Vancouver

The IOC Coordination Commission for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, of which FIS President Gian Franco Kasper is a member, will be visiting Vancouver next week, with the additional presence of all seven International Federations governing the Olympic winter sports.

With 891 days remaining until the Games open in Vancouver, the Coordination Commission will review the progress made by VANOC and its partners since the Commission's last visit in March 2007. During the meetings, the Commission will examine a number of different areas of Games preparations including those concerning the athletes and sports facilities, among other things, and receive a full update on the progress made in venue construction. Bilateral discussions between the winter sports IFs and the respective VANOC teams will also take place.

In anticipation of the meeting, the Vancouver Organising Committee (VANOC) has responded to FIS in regard to the Qualification and Participation Criteria for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games stating its absolute readiness to provide the necessary accommodation for the number of athletes as determined by the IOC.


Roller Skiing Worlds conclude in Croatia
Another title for Giorgio di Centa (ITA)

The FIS Roller Skiing World Championships were held in Oroslavje (CRO) last week. 17 national teams competed over the course of four days of races.

Many of the favorites were able to hold their own: Maria Magnusson of Sweden became, as expected, the ladies' new sprint World champion. In the men's pursuit race, the 2006 double Olympic champion Giorgio di Centa (ITA) left his challengers no chance and took a clear victory. In the ladies' pursuit, Tatiana Yambaeva (RUS) was also able to significantly grow her lead established in Friday's prologue. In the men's sprint Alessio Berlanda (ITA) claimed the title after beating compatriot David Bogatec by just a hundredth of a second. In Sunday's relays, the wins went to the Swedish ladies and the Russian men. The men's race was extremely tight as the first six teams were within 1.6 seconds. For more results, see here.


Next generation of ladies' mogul skiers on their way
The KT Team
Camp in Mandal

Kari Traa (NOR), the now-retired, three-time Olympic medalist in moguls (2002 Olympic champion), seven-time medal winner at the FIS World Ski Championships who collected 67 FIS World Cup podiums during her illustrious career, has set up a girl's team to help promote the next generation of mogul skiers. The team, which just celebrated its first anniversary, consists of several promising athletes from countries including Norway, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland. Its goal is to have one or more athletes participate in the mogul competition in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (RUS).

In August, 18 girls from the team gathered in Mandal (NOR) to practice new jumps for the winter. A big water jump was built downtown in cooperation with the Norwegian Ski Association and the Mandal gymnastics association. The girls also performed their best jumps before the visitors in the local shellfish festival each night. In addition, the schedule included plenty of gymnastics training, strength exercises and endurance work-outs, including a 12-minute Cooper test.

The Kari Traa Team will be featured in a TV series in Norway starting in the autumn of 2008. For more information, visit


 Inside FIS 

Strengthening the FIS brand: FIS CI and Design Manual now available

1.5 of the FIS Statutes states that "FIS reserves all rights for the use and the disposal of its logograms" and FIS is currently working on strengthening its unique brand on the international scene, in order to promote skiing and snowboarding to the furthest extent possible.

To help FIS and all its member National Ski Associations, event organizers and partners to use the FIS logograms and trademark distinctively and to their own benefit, the FIS Marketing department led by Susanne Gawlyta has drawn up the directives specifying elements of FIS brand image and explaining how they interact. The 'FIS Corporate Identity and Design Manual' is now available for download on the FIS web site. To get your copy, click here.


Martin Pl《s returns to FIS
Martin Pl《s

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Pl《s as FIS Finance and Human Resources Manager. Many may recognize the name as the former FIS Finance Manager and yes, it is the same Martin Pl《s who worked for FIS from 1999 to 2002 setting up the FIS in-house book-keeping and financial systems. To refresh your memory, he is 46 years old, has two sons and lives near the city of Bern. His education includes the higher business and Bern administrative school. Since leaving FIS, he has mostly worked for the Bern Teachers' Pension Fund. Martin Pl《s will re-commence with FIS on 1st November, 2007.

"I have a lot of good memories from my time with FIS and believe that not only sportsmen can make a successful comeback, but also finance-men too! I look forward to my new role as FIS Finance and Human Resources Manager and integrating into the FIS Office team, as well as to meeting up with acquaintances from the FIS Family and National Ski Associations again."

Christina Ritschard will be leaving FIS after more than 5 years with the organization. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking her for her work over the years and wish her all the best for the future.


FIS Medical Committee Educational Series: Part 2
Warming up prevents injuries

Apophyseal Injuries - Overuse

The second article in the FIS Medical Committee Educational Series, entitled Apophyseal Injuries - Overuse and written by Jenny Shute (GBR), is now available. These short educational articles are intended to help provide practical advice on current medical topics related to skiing and snowboarding activities.

The injuries in the apophyses, or the points where tendons are attached to bones, are known to be particularly common in adolescents, yet used to be considered rare in children. According to the most recent surveys, however, it is now recognized that they may account for up to 30-50% of sports injuries seen in young athletes. Dr. Shute's article lists the key preventative measures for avoiding such injuries as well as outlines the basis for their treatment and rehabilitation. To read or download the article, please click here.


 In Depth 

Five questions to Sara Renner (CAN)
Sara Renner & Aria Grandi

Sara Renner (CAN), 2006 Olympic medalist in the team sprint and 3rd in the individual sprint at the 2005 World Championships in Oberstdorf, shifted gears after the 2006 Olympic season to take a break and have a baby with her husband, the now-retired top alpine skier Thomas Grandi. We recently had a chance to interview Sara to ask her about motherhood and her future plans.

Sandra Spitz: Sara, your baby girl Aria was born in February. Did everything going well and are you enjoying motherhood?

Sara Renner: Yes, Aria is a healthy and happy girl and the birth was harder than winning an Olympic medal but the reward was even better. I really enjoyed my pregnancy and being at home in Canmore. I skied up until the day she was born but for the love of skiing not for training. We had great snow here and I seldom get to enjoy the Canadian winter. Motherhood is a lot of fun and I laugh even more in my life now.

Sandra Spitz: What have you been doing besides being a mom in the last year?

Sara Renner: Last summer, while I was pregnant, I helped manage my parents' backcountry lodge: Mount Assiniboine Lodge. Also, I have been doing some work with an amazing Canadian environmental agency to encourage winter athletes to take responsibility for our carbon emissions from air travel by buying carbon offsets. For more information, check out

Sandra Spitz: Your plan is to make your comeback in the Cross-Country World Cup next season. When will we see you there for the first time and what are your goals for the upcoming season?

Sara Renner: My first world cups will be those at the end of January in Canmore. I will race domestically until then. It's hard to have goals this year because I am a new women and a new athlete. My training has gone very well and I am closer than I expected to my benchmarks but it's hard to know how I will be compared to the rest of the world.

Sandra Spitz: How do you manage your training together with motherhood and did you have to change your training schedule from before?

Sara Renner: I have been very well supported by my husband Thomas and family living in Canmore plus neighbors who always want to baby-sit. My priority is my family and it combines well with training. It might be difficult when we hit the road after the World Cups in Canmore but I don't think I will be bored in my hotel room! I had some really good advice from my doctor and that was to not run after Aria born and while I am nursing because the ligaments in my hips will be really loose and can get stretched. I have been roller skiing and biking and uphill hiking. I have a website where you can follow my progress at

Sandra Spitz: The highlight of the upcoming season is the Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski performance by Craft Sportswear. What do you think about this competition series?

Sara Renner: I can't wait to do this event. I won't compete in it this year because it would be quite the introduction to the world cup but it will be one of my major goals in the future. It is good to mix things up on the circuit.