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 News from the World of Skiing 

Fabre takes over in Val d'IsŠre
Jean-Luc Fabre
Photo: Agence Zoom

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Surveillance Council of the 2009 Val d'IsŠre (FRA) Organizing Committee elected Jean-Luc Fabre to its Executive Board as Director General as well as President of the Board of Directors. The members of the Surveillance Council, presided over by Bernard Catelan, Mayor of Val d'IsŠre, unanimously supported the appointment of Fabre who will now be the executive head of the organization. Proposed for his new role by Roselyne Bachelot Narquin, the French Minister for Sport, Health and Social Affairs, and Sophie Dion, chief sports advisor to the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, Fabre succeeds Jean-Paul Pierrat who remains a member of the Board of Directors. Fabre, a lawyer by training, is currently Secretary General (sous-pr‚fet) at the Prefecture of Maine and Loire. He is also an experienced "mountain man" and mountain guide and indeed his two children are qualified ski instructors. Mr. Fabre will already participate in the next Val d'Isere 2009 FIS Coordination Group meeting in Zurich later this week.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper commented: "We welcome the appointment of Jean-Luc Fabre in Val d'IsŠre. It is crucial for the championships that the focus can now be firmly on the work in hand and we fully expect with the structural and personnel changes this will now be the case. There are less than 100 days to the first FIS World Cup races on the new course for the ladies that will serve as key test events and an ideal opportunity to showcase the championships."


WADA approves the 2008 List
Photo: iStock Photo

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper attended the meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on September 22nd-23rd, 2007, in Montreal (CAN). This was the last meeting of the Executive Committee-WADA's ultimate policy-making body-prior to the Third World Conference on Doping in Sport, to be held on 15th-17th November in Madrid (SPA).

Most notably, the Executive Committee approved the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods for 2008. The 2008 List includes some changes compared to the 2007 List. For example, the 2008 List will include new classes of substances such as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), a family of nonsteroidal molecules that has the same effect as anabolic steroids, and agents modifying myostatin functions including but not limited to myostatin inhibitors. The Executive Committee also approved amending the prohibition of intravenous infusions so that intravenous infusions are not permitted except in the treatment of acute medical conditions. The new List will be published online by October 1, 2007.

The Executive Committee was also consulted on the third draft revision of the World Anti-Doping Code to be published on 15th October, 2007, and to be discussed and approved in November. Other items included WADA's draft 2008 budget and its US$ 5.6 million scientific research program for 2007 as well as a preliminary report on the compliance of International Federations and Anti-Doping Organizations with the Code. The first official report is due in November 2008.


Snowboard cross season kicks off in Chile
Pierre Vaultier (FRA)
Photo: Christian Saavedra

The FIS World Cup snowboard cross season kicked off on Tuesday in Valle Nevado (CHI) with the first of the two events of the season. With Maelle Ricker and Drew Neilson winning the qualifications, it was a great day for Canada. Ricker, the fourth place finisher in the 2006 Olympics and known as a strong time trials rider, was fastest ahead of her team mate Christelle Doyon and Mellie Francon of Switzerland. On the men's side, the reigning FIS World Cup snowboard cross title holder Neilson just beat Stian Sivertzen of Norway and Pierre Vaultier of FRA. Surprisingly, the 2006 Olympic champion Seth Wescott (USA) missed the cut of the best 32 riders as did the Olympic silver medallist Radoslav Zidek (SVK) due to a fall in the first qualification run. The time trials were held in beautiful sunshine and good conditions on the proven World Cup course in Valle Nevado.


2007 FIS World Cup Roller Skiing: Magnusson and Glushkov on top
Maria Magnusson (SWE)
Photo: Pierre Teyssot

The end of the summer also signifies the end of the dry-land season and the FIS World Cup Roller Skiing. The 2007 FIS World Cup consisted of races in five countries and Maria Magnusson (SWE) and Igor Glushkov (RUS) became the proud winners of the overall FIS World Cup trophies. In the last competition held in Samsun (TUR) in mid-September, the Russian team completed its success with a victory in the Nations' Cup (with 5803 points), followed by Italy (5755 points) and Turkey (3452). For complete final standings, click here.


 Inside FIS 

Inspections of the 2013 Nordic Candidates

Following the short reports on the visits by the FIS Inspection Group to the Alpine candidates in the last issue of the FIS Newsflash, a brief synopsis of the visits with the Candidates for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2013 - in alphabetical order - follows below.


The FIS Inspection Group
Photo: Candidate Committee

Falun (SWE)

Falun received the FIS Inspection Group on 18th-19th September. Drawing on the strong skiing culture in Sweden, and especially in the county of Dalarna where Falun is located, the Falun Candidature Committee presented its plans for the organization of a 2013 event. Falun has hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships three times in the past, namely 1954, 1974 and 1993. The well-known ski marathon Vasaloppet has been carried out in the region since 1922. For 2013, the Championships concept calls for various improvements to the existing sports infrastructure at the Lugnet Nordic venue, in particular to the Ski Jumping site. Several projects to enhance the general infrastructure in the region, e.g. accommodation facilities, are under development while others are being planned. Further, the Falun 2013 candidacy forms part of the new strategy of the Swedish Ski Association that has the goal of Sweden "to be the leading nation in the world in skiing and snowboarding by 2010."

The Falun 2013 Candidature Committee is led by Tomas Ringsby, Secretary General of the Swedish Ski Association with the support of Mikael Rosen, Mayor of Falun.

More information on Falun's candidature will soon be available on


Photo: Candidate Committee

Lahti (FIN)

The visit of the Inspection Group in Lahti, the organizer of the 1926, 1938, 1978, 1989 and 2001 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, took place on 17th-18th September. The Lahti 2013 Candidature Committee presented its concept which is built on leveraging the Lahti Sports Center's facilities and a compact stadium set-up in the heart of the city. In addition, the candidacy draws on the Finnish spirit, extensive know-how and long traditions in Nordic skiing. The Candidature Committee, chaired by Jaakko Holkeri, President of the Finnish Ski Association and supported by Jyrki Myllyvirta, Mayor of the City of Lahti, as vice-chair and Matti Leikoski as Project Manager, also highlighted the plans to place a comprehensive athletes' village at the Finnish Sports Institute in Vierum„ki, just outside of the city of Lahti, and to construct new installations at the sports venues. These include enhancements to the courses, more space on the stadium, renovated Ski Jumping grandstand building as well as new service areas for the teams. To allow more space for the spectators, the TV compound is planned inside an indoor football stadium.

For more information on Lahti's candidature, please visit


Sarah Lewis and Thomas Mller
Photo: Candidate Committee

Oberstdorf (GER)

Oberstdorf hosted the FIS Inspection Group on 20th-21st August. Following the 1987 and 2005 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, the German mountain and ski resort is bidding to organize its third championships. The 2013 candidacy is part of the local tourism concept that calls for Oberstdorf "to be one of the three leading venues in Nordic ski sports in the Alps by 2015." Oberstdorf will also host its fifth FIS Ski Flying World Championships in February 2008.

As elaborated by the Candidature Committee led by Alfons H”rmann, President of the German Ski Association and Thomas Mller, Mayor of Oberstdorf, the 2013 concept takes advantage of the existing high-quality sports infrastructure which only requires some optimization work in the Ski Jumping venue and some extensions to and broadening of the Cross-Country courses along with enhancements to the snow-making facilities. The newly reconstructed park in the center of Oberstdorf is planned as the new location for winner ceremonies and the Nordic festival.

For more information on Oberstdorf's candidature, please visit


The FIS cake
Photo: Newspower

Val di Fiemme (ITA)

The FIS Inspection Group visited Val di Fiemme, the venue for the 2003 and 1991 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and 63 FIS World Cup events, on 27th-28th August. It was hosted by Pietro de Godenz, President of Candidature Executive Committee, along with Tiziano Mellarini, Minister for Tourism in the region of Trentino, and Giovanni Morzenti, President of the Italian Ski Association. As in 2001, the 2013 concept is based on the use of the Lago di Tesero Cross-Country stadium and the Predazzo Ski Jumping facilities. Enhancements to the existing structures, including new areas for athlete services as well as the media infrastructure, are planned. The 2013 candidacy leverages the experience of the previous World Championships, and the Candidature Committee is pleased to be able to count on the help of more than 1000 local volunteers. New tourist developments are under development in the Tesero cross-country area and Predazzo ski Jumping area, which will also enhance the facilities for the championships. This is Val di Fiemme's second consecutive candidature after 2006.

For more information on Val di Fiemme's candidature, please visit


Jumping hills in Zakopane
Photo: Candidate Committee

Zakopane (POL)

Zakopane, the largest sports resort in Poland, hosted the FIS Inspection Group on 22nd-23rd August, just days before the 2007 FIS Grand Prix Ski Jumping events there. The Candidature Committee led by President Janusz Majcher, Mayor of Zakopane, was supported by Apoloniusz Tajner, President of the Polish Ski Association, and Andrzej Kozak, President of the Tatra Ski Association. The 2013 Candidature of Zakopane is part of the general "Strategy for Balanced Development of the City of Zakopane for 2004-2013" which also includes the development of sport and tourism and consists of upgrades to the existing facilities and organization of large sporting events. As a result, many new facilities, including some for accommodation, transportation and other services, have been or are being built. New cross-country courses are also being constructed while the existing normal hill shall be converted to a HS-105 hill. Moreover, Zakopane will serve as a host training center for a team during the European Football Championships in Poland and the Ukraine in 2012 which will contribute to additional upgrading of the sporting facilities and infrastructure.

In addition to the 1962 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Zakopane has experience hosting numerous international competitions in Nordic skiing. These include 11 Ski Jumping FIS World Cup events, known worldwide for great atmosphere and large crowds, and 4 in Nordic Combined. This is Zakopane's second consecutive candidature after 2006.

For more information on Zakopane's candidature, please visit


5th FIS Youth and Children's Seminar opens the FIS Autumn Meetings
Photo: iStock Photo
Photo: iStock Photo

It was the 5th FIS Youth and Children's Seminar that kicked off the FIS Autumn Meetings in Zurich (SUI) this Tuesday and Wednesday. More than 50 participants from 35 nations gathered to discuss and debate the critical themes related to developing and retaining the interest of children and youth in snow sports. The seminar was focused on two main themes: first, the role and importance of parents in building the foundation for the participation of children and the youth in snow sports, and second, the various ways to animate kids for ski sports.

Several National Ski Associations shared their ideas, especially for making snow sports fun for children and the youth as well as their ways for participating and delivering the right tools for a life-long engagement in skiing and snowboarding. Facilitated by Ken Read, Chairman of the FIS Coordination Group for Youth and Children's Questions together with Josef Zenhaeusern, FIS Aid & Promotion Consultant and Madeleine Erb from the FIS Office, the seminar was well-received and again underlined the critical importance of focusing on the young generations for the future of skiing.


Save the Date: FIS Forum Alpinum 2007

The FIS Forum Alpinum - the Information Session for the Ski Journalists - will again take place the day before the Opening of the Audi FIS Alpine World Cup season 2007/08 in S”lden (AUT). This will be the 15th time that the FIS management led by FIS President Gian Franco Kasper together with the leading FIS Alpine professionals will provide an update on FIS' activities and stand ready for questions and answers with the international ski media. Presentations by the Organizing Committees of the FIS Grand Finals 2008 in Bormio (ITA) and the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2009 in Val d'IsŠre (FRA) are also scheduled, as is an introduction of the FIS Official Clothing Supplier, Halti of Finland.

For the FIS Nordic disciplines, the equivalent FIS media session will take place at the Forum Nordicum, the annual meeting of the Union of Nordic Ski Journalists that is part of the AIPS (`Association de la Presse Sportive'). The 2007 session is scheduled in Oestersund (SWE) from 15th-18th October, with the FIS Day being on October 17th.


Nordic Combined TDs hit the books again
Nordic Combined TDs in Liberec
Photo: Sabine Meinel

The biannual FIS Seminar for Nordic Combined Technical Delegates (TDs) took place from 19th-23rd September in Liberec (CZE), the host city of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009.˙44 TDs and 7 TD candidates from˙17 nations attended to receive an update on rule changes as well as to exchange their experiences from the last two years. Thanks to the Liberec 2009 team, the participants could conduct the practical sessions in the planned championship venues, the `Vesec' Cross-Country area and the `Jested' Ski Jumping site, where construction is in full swing. The TDs also took a test with questions on rules, statistics and general FIS topics whilst all the seven TD candidates from Austria, Norway, Kazakhstan,˙Poland and Russia successfully passed their theoretical TD examinations.

"The work of the TDs is getting more and more extensive because of the increased professionalism of our sports, the growing TV requirements and wishes of the public, let alone the changes in our climate. That is why it is very important that the TDs continue to be well-educated," says Harald Aarhus, Chairman of the FIS Committee Nordic Combined.

The traditional Nordic Combined Viking evening, organized by Roman Kumpost-one of the few remaining original Viking Club members-concluded the seminar. The Viking Club, founded in 1991, includes all Nordic Combined TDs and exists to support the sport of Nordic Combined in all its aspects. In Liberec, the theater group `Merlot' arranged a social
evening which also included an entrance examination for the TD candidates. Many thanks to Roman and his team for a memorable Viking evening!

Contributed by Sandra Spitz


 In Depth 

Athletes in Summer Training - Alpine Snowboarders
Doresia Krings (AUT)
Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli (SUI)

By Oliver Kraus

This year, the alpine boarders will be the last ones to start their FIS World Cup season. As a result, riders competing in parallel slalom and parallel giant slalom races in the 2007/08 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup had probably the longest summer training.

The defending parallel and overall FIS World Cup title holder Doresia Krings (AUT) decided for some special summer training. In addition to normal endurance training (biking, running and swimming) and a lot of time in the mountains, she spent some time Down Under. The 30-year-old snowboarder flew to New Zealand to train together with the half-pipe specialists to improve her freestyle abilities for snowboard cross and to gain some points which might enable her to start in overseas races. "I think that a complete snowboarder should be able to do everything and I wanted to prove that it's possible," said Krings. She is also starting in both SBX contests in Valle Nevado this week. "That means that I won't be able to train especially for parallel until October but I hope that I can bring in some stuff from snowboard cross."

This might also mean that it will be hard for the 2007 PSL bronze medallist to defend her title since her main competitors are solely focused on the parallel FIS World Cup. Especial strong competition can be expected from the German squad consisting of the Olympic silver medallist Amelie Kober together with Selina Joerg, who won her first ever World Cup last season, and Isabella Laboeck, who also has some WC podiums under her belt already.

The German Snowboard Federation held an on-snow camp in Cardrona (NEZ) from the end of August until mid-September. For many of the young riders it was the first camp with a daily routine of getting up at 6AM, snow training until noon followed by specific work-out or gym sessions. Other camps are planned to follow throughout the early season until December.

Several national teams have taken advantage of the excellent training conditions in New Zealand this year. Even the USSA alpine riders, who held their late summer training camps in Chile for the last three years, are now in the land of the Oz.

Another strong competitor to Krings for the large crystal globe hails from Switzerland. Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli, who got married in June, had an early start into summer training. "Two weeks after the World Cup finals of 2007, I started with some weight work-outs." Until June, she completed two to three weight units and approximately three endurance trainings a week to follow the instructions of her personal endurance coach Steve Daengeli. In July and August, the three-time WC winner stayed in Costa Rica but not only for fun. Her schedule also included sessions to improve take-off power and to strengthen the torso. Since August 20th, the Swiss team has been on snow on the Swiss glaciers. In September, they will train in Soelden (AUT) and in Landgraaf, where the first parallel slalom FIS World Cup events of the season will be held indoor in SnowWorld on October 12th.