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 News from the World of Skiing 

New Anti-Doping Code approved

The new World Anti-Doping Code was approved by the sports movement and governments of the world at the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Madrid (SPA) last week. The Foundation Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) unanimously ratified the revisions to enhance the Code on Saturday. During a full day of interventions on the Code by public authorities and the sports movement on Friday 16th November, the underlying position was clearly in support of the revisions to the document, whilst a number of valuable amendments were brought forward to the draft that has been through a 18-month consultation process since April 2006.

The revised Code strengthens the fight against doping and advances anti-doping harmonization and programs worldwide. Sports organizations and governments are required to implement the revisions to the Code by 1st January 2009.

"We are very happy to have a new code reflecting our experiences since 2003. It is a great step forward in the global fight against doping in sport," commented FIS President Gian Franco Kasper, who was re-elected to the Executive Board of the WADA as the representative of the international sports federations.

"We are also pleased that the revised code includes amended wording requiring the international federations to do "everything possible" to award events only to countries whose governments have adopted the UNESCO anti-doping convention and whose national bodies comply with the Code. Moreover, it is important that the new Code maintains the obligation on WADA to continue to conduct out-of-competition testing, rather than simply acting as a watch dog."

Australian John Fahey was elected new President of WADA while Arne Ljungqvist, a Swedish IOC member, was elected as its next vice president.


Alpine North American Tour up next
Lake Louise, 2006
Photo: Agence Zoom
Panorama Mountain Village

The speed season will open this weekend as the men's Audi FIS Alpine World Cup is set to continue at the traditional North American site, the Lake Louise Mountain Resort, in Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise first hosted a men's FIS World Cup race in 1980 and a ladies' race in 1989, and is now the only North American member of the well-known association of FIS World Cup organizers, Club 5+. Racing will begin on Saturday with the first downhill race, continuing on Sunday with the opening super-G. The ladies' first speed races, a downhill and a super-G, are scheduled there the following weekend, 1st and 2nd December.

Following the giant slalom and slalom races in Soelden and Reiteralm (AUT), the ladies' World Cup tour will also continue in North America this week, returning to Panorama, British Columbia, Canada, for the first time since 1992. Panorama Mountain Village will host the ladies' giant slalom and slalom races on Saturday-Sunday.

Panorama is located on the Powder Highway, at the heart of some of North America's best skiing yet close to Calgary and 2 hours southwest of the town of Banff. It has welcomed teams for training since the 1992/93 season and regular visitors now include elite racers from around the world including some 10 national teams last season.

Check out the official Lake Louise Bombardier Winterstart FIS World Cup web site here for more information and for˙the Panorama event web site here.

Please note: The decision regarding the men's events scheduled in Beaver Creek (USA) from 29th November -2nd December will be taken on Friday, 23rd November at 12:00 noon local time (20:00 CET).


Beitostoelen to host the second Cross-County World Cup weekend
Beitostoelen stadium
Photo: Kaare Weeg

The Viessmann FIS World Cup Cross-Country will continue in Beitostoelen (NOR) this weekend, 24th-25th November. Situated about 220 km north-west of Oslo at the foot of the Jotumheimen Mountain - Beitostoelen has invested significantly since its last World Cup in November 2005. A total of 12 million Norwegian kroner have been spent on updating the stadium infrastructure. The tracks were redesigned, too, and a new 2.5 km loop prepared, equipped with a snow-making system. Last weekend, the organizers led by Asbjoern Windingstad had a first test with the Norwegian National Opening. "Thanks to the new equipment, we were able to prepare a 5 km track which is now in a perfect condition."

The Beitostoelen competition schedule includes individual start competitions in the free technique (10km ladies/15km men) on Saturday and relay competitions on Sunday. The first trial for using different starting intervals in an individual start race is planned for Saturday. This means that the top-ranked athletes in the Red Group will start with longer intervals of e.g. 60 seconds compared with the early starters who will start at e.g. 15 second intervals.

For more information, visit˙

Contributed by Sandra Spitz


Finland 1-2-3 in Stockholm big air
Big air action
Finnish podium in Stockholm

Finnish riders dominated the second big air contest in the 2007/2008 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup held in the Swedish capital last Saturday night. The hero of the hour was 21-year-old Janne Korpi who - with a Cab 10 Nosegrab - relegated teammate Risto Mattila to the second spot. It was Korpi's third FIS World Cup victory, and the second in big air. With his victory he also claimed the big air World Cup lead from another countryman Peetu Piiroinen who finished 10th. Sami Saarenp„„ completed Finland's total podium sweep.

A total of 63 riders from 14 nations participated in the second big air contest staged in the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, the venue for the 1914 Olympic Summer Games. The NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup will continue with parallel giant slalom races in the new FIS World Cup venue of Limone Piemonte (ITA) on 8th December.


Right To Play starting places for Worldloppet races now available

It is now possible to support the work of the international, humanitarian organization Right To Play by taking part in popular cross-country races belonging to the Worldloppet series.

Worldloppet organizers have very generously donated Right To Play starting places in many of the races. All funds raised will go towards the sport and play programs that the organization runs at the refugee camp in Kigoma, Tanzania.

The Worldloppet partners participating in 2008 are: the Marcialonga, K”nig Ludwig Lauf, Tartu Maraton, La Transjurassienne, Gatineau Loppet, Engadin Skimarathon and Birkebeinerrennet.

Right To Play is very proud that top cross-country champions Bjorn D‘hlie (NOR), Beckie Scott (CAN) and Anders and Jorgen Aukland (NOR) are all supporting the campaign.

For entries and a comprehensive list of Right To Play partners, please visit


A new skiing history book

Another new book has recently been published on the history of skiing: Written by E. John B. Allen and entitled The Culture and Sport of Skiing: From Antiquity to World War II, this comprehensive account covers skiing from its earliest origins to the outbreak of World War II.

Although focused on Europe, the analysis of the development of skiing ranges around the world from India to Japan and from Algeria to China to Poland. A particular emphasis is placed on the impact of culture on the development of skiing, including the participation of women and children in what for much of its history remained a male-dominated sport. Sixty illustrations are included to depict this rich history. The book can be ordered e.g. through Amazon or from the New England Ski Museum (


 Inside FIS 

FIS inspects Voss
FIS inspection in Voss
Photo: Vidar Herre

The FIS inspection in Voss (NOR), the Candidate for the organization of the FIS Freestyle World Championships 2013, took place last Wednesday in beautiful winter weather. Voss, located near Bergen, has very long traditions in skiing (having produced 14 Olympic medal winners in skiing), and especially in Alpine and Freestyle Skiing. It has hosted 42 Freestyle FIS World Cup competitions so far, among other high level competitions. It is also known as the home of Kari Traa, the three-time Olympic medalist in mogul skiing and the most successful and famous female freestyle skier ever. Moreover, Voss is the renowned host of the so-called Extreme Sports Week - regarded as one of the world's premiere extreme sports festivals - held annually in late June - and considered as the Norwegian capital of extreme sports and freestyle.

The candidature committee led by Oddvar Jansen and representatives of the Norwegian Ski Association, including the long-time member of the FIS Freestyle Committee Hans Stub, presented their plans for the 2013 championships to the FIS Freestyle Coordinator Joe Fitzgerald and Event Manager Niklas Carlsson. The current event concept calls for holding aerial and mogul competitions in Voss, and the ski cross and half-pipe events in nearby Myrkdalen. Myrkdalen is a new resort that started operations in 2003 and has grown very rapidly. Significant investments in hotels, restaurants and additional slopes and lifts are planned to take place in the near future. Voss, for its part, is in the process of developing a custom-made training and competition arena for mogul and aerial skiing. The championships are planned to serve both as promotion for the destination but more importantly as promotion for˙the sport in order to engage more kids involved in skiing.

The FIS Council will elect the organizers of the FIS World Ski Championships during the FIS Congress in Cape Town (RSA) in May 2008.


Correction - Short Summary of FIS Council Decisions, Bariloche November 2007

Regrettably an administrative error has occurred in the Short Summary of the Decisions of the FIS Council from its Meeting in Bariloche on 5th November 2007, apparently through the text-edit function. This error concerns item 15.3 under Proposals from the Technical Committees, Nordic Combined.

The correct text should read as follows:

Art. 511.2 Hill sizes OWG and WSC

The Council rejected the proposal of the Committee for Nordic Combined to amend the regulations concerning the hill sizes NH OWG and WSC events that at least K 95 = HS 105 and for LH at least K 120 = HS 134 is needed.

This also means that the first paragraph of the Nordic Combined Committee proposals in the printed version of the Short Summary is deleted.

The corrected Short Summary has been uploaded in the members section of the FIS Website.


 In Depth 

Season Preview with FIS President
Photo: NordicFocus

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper shared his thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season with the FIS Newsflash.

"On the whole, the season has had a great start with the early snowfalls around Europe. Cold weather and snow both in the mountains and cities puts people in the right mood for skiing. First, thinking about skiing and then also going skiing themselves. This is exactly what we had hoped for this season," President Kasper remarked.

"Obviously, we are not able to tell how well and long the snow will keep. But we do hope that our industry partners will profit from the current conditions, especially during the important pre-Christmas shopping period. The images from our first races in S”lden (AUT) - with sun and snow - and from Reiteralm (AUT) - with plenty of snow - were great promotion for our sport. And with this weekend's races in North America, we will provide the fans with another glimpse of snow. The men's races from Lake Louise and the ladies in Panorama will all be broadcast in the evening here in Europe."

Commenting on the highlights of the season, President Kasper noted: "With the exception of the FIS Ski Flying Championships and Junior World Ski Championships, this is a season without title events which, once in four years, is quite ok. Consequently, the main interest will be on the FIS World Cup, and events such as the Grand Finals 2008 and the Tour de Ski."

"This season will also be a great opportunity for young or new athletes to make their mark. Many teams will likely use the chance for their up and coming talents to collect high-level competition experience. At the same time, for us at FIS it is important that we have champions in as many countries as possible. The season start has already shown that a large number of nations are fighting for the top positions. I am pleased about the direction we seem to be going here," he added.

"There are no major rule changes this season. The small refinements, such as the revised equipment rules and starting order change in the Alpine speed events, are simply a sign of the continuous development of our sport."

"Finally, it is very important for us to clarify any outstanding TV issues as soon as possible. This applies in particular to Germany which is a very important market for us. Clarity in terms of TV broadcasting is crucial for the sport, sponsors and TV companies alike, not to mention the importance of German tourism in the Alpine countries. However I am positive that we will find a solution!" concluded President Kasper.