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Introducing new FIS Council Members

At its session in Vilamoura (POR) on Friday, 26th May, the 45th International Ski Congress elected three new members to the FIS Council. Replacing Anatolij Akentiev (RUS), who retired and was appointed Honorary Member of FIS; Marjo Matikainen-Kallstr”m (FIN), who did not seek re-election; and Geoff Henke (AUS), the new Council Members are: Jaakko Holkeri, representing Finland, Eduardo Rold n representing Spain, and Leonid Tyagachev, representing Russia. Mr. Tyagachev was also˙appointed Vice President by the new Council in its first meeting. For more detailed introduction of the new Council members, please see below for short biographies for each of them.

At the meetings of the FIS Council on Thursday 25th May and the newly-elected FIS Council on Saturday 27th May 2006, the new committee members for the 2006-2008 period were nominated. Please see here for the updated composition of all committees.


Jaakko Holkeri

Jaakko Holkeri (59) was elected President of the Finnish Ski Association in 2005. Prior to that, he served as Chairman of the Federative Council of the Finnish Ski Association from 2002-2004. After trying out several sports in his youth, including ice hockey, Mr. Holkeri today keeps in shape by cross-country skiing and has participated in several marathon races such as the Finlandia-Hiihto (63km) and Pirkan Hiihto (90km). A resident of Tampere in Central Finland, he is also a certified Technical Delegate for Cross-Country Skiing. Attorney by profession, Mr. Holkeri is employed as Director, Funds at Sponda Oyj, a real estate investment company specializing in office and business premises.


Eduardo Rold n

Eduardo Rold n Os‚s (63) resides in Candanchu, in the northern province of Huesca located only 1 km from the French-Spanish border in the middle of the Aragonese Pyrenees. A certified ski teacher, enthusiastic alpine skier and racer in his youth, Mr. Rold n has served as President of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (Real Federaci˘n Espa¤ola de Deportes de Invierno/R.F.E.D.I.) since September 2002. He is also President of Executive Commission of the Jaca 2014 Committee and Managing Director of the Candanchu Ski Resort.


Leonid Tyagachev

Leonid Tyagachev (59) has been President of the National Olympic Committee of Russia since 2001 before which he was the first Vice President from 1999-2001 and Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation from 1996-1999. For over two decades, Mr. Tyagachev served in various coaching roles, including as Head Coach for Alpine Skiing in the Department for Winter Sports in the USSR Ministry for Sports, as Coach of the USSR National Alpine Ski Team, and as Head Coach of the Russian Alpine Skiing National Team. A teacher for physical culture and sports by education, Mr. Tyagachev lives in Moscow.


Getting ready for 2006/07 season: Nordic World Cup Organizers at Europa Park

For the fifth time following the International Ski Congress, FIS is hosting a Nordic World Cup Organizers' Meeting. This year's meeting will take place at Europa Park in˙Rust (GER) on 16th-17th June. While Europa Park - located near the Swiss-French-German border crossing - is Germany's biggest theme park, the 166 seminar participants representing the great majority of next season's World Cup organizers will be busy. A full schedule of general and discipline-specific (Cross-Country, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined) sessions awaits them. The meeting scheduled shortly after the Vilamoura meetings provides an excellent opportunity for reviewing the most important Congress and Council decisions, communicating the rule changes, summarizing the themes debated in the Committees, and kick-starting planning for the upcoming season. Needless to say, the participants will also benefit from exchanging experiences with their peers and FIS partners in an informal setting. In fact, several FIS partners, including APF, WIGE-Data, Sufag, Seil Frey GmbH and Media Partners will be presenting to the seminar participants and available for more in-depth discussions.


Registration open for two FIS Aid & Promotion training camps

Registrations are currently being accepted for two FIS training camps that will be staged within the FIS Aid & Promotion Program for Developing Ski Nations.

A FIS Training Camp Ski Jumping, coordinated by FIS Continental Cup Coordinator Sepp Gratzer, has been scheduled for 24th - 27th July, 2006, in Villach (AUT). Up to two athletes (at least at Continental Cup performance level) and a coach representing the eligible National Ski Associations may participate. FIS will provide the instruction/coaching, training facilities and room & board for the participants.

Registrations are due at the FIS Office by 23rd June, 2006.

A FIS Alpine Aid & Promotion Training Camp for slalom and giant slalom will take place on the glacier in Hintertux (AUT) from 1st - 7th July, 2006. Per eligible National Ski Association, two male athletes and two female athletes with less than 120 FIS Points in slalom or giant slalom may participate. Coordinated by Markus Malsiner, the camp is also the 2006 selection camp for the Alpine Training and Competition Program 2006/07. The participants must therefore also be ready to follow the entire program of three Training and Competition Courses this season, i.e. the courses scheduled for 1st-28th October, 12th November-23rd December, and 7th-23rd January and, for the most promising athletes, also includes participation the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2007 in Źre (SWE).

Registrations for the Alpine Camp are due at the FIS Office by 22nd June, 2006.


Update on Athlete's Declaration 2006/07

Following the decision of the 45th International Ski Congress to adopt a new text for the Athlete's Declaration, the document has been sent to the National Ski Associations by e-mail and by post. It is also available for download here.

For all registrations for the 2006/2007 season sent by the National Ski Associations to FIS, the following ICR article applies:

203.3 A National Ski Association may only issue a FIS licence to participate in FIS races when the competitor has signed the Athlete's Declaration, in the form approved by the FIS Council and returned it to his National Ski Association. All forms from under-age applicants must be counter-signed by their legal guardians.

Since the timeline until various summer competitions and competitions in the Southern hemisphere is relatively short for the National Ski Associations to obtain new signed Athlete's Declaration forms from their athletes, the Technical Delegates of the respective events will have forms available at FIS events. Any signed Athlete's Declarations collected by the Technical Delegates will be returned to the responsible National Ski Association thereafter.


 Member News 

New lake Freestyle jumping center opened in the Netherlands

With the opening of the new water jumping center at Ijzeren Man Lake near Eindhoven, the Freestyle Holland Team has a brand new summer training facility. The center's new ramp is six meters high, with a straight drop to a four-foot launch ramp. It can be used by snowboarders, Telemark and freestyle skiers, as well as by body slides, skateboards and BMX bikes. At the official opening a few days ago, several riders, boarders, and of course, skiers performed on the new jump before an enthusiastic audience.

Jeffrey Bignell, the man behind the ramp and member head of the Freestyle Holland Team, commented: "This new facility will greatly improve our summer training conditions here in the Netherlands. It is well situated and has all the necessary supporting facilities. We look forward to welcoming teams from other nations as well!"


 In Depth 

Athletes in summer training: Cross-Country Skiing
Christoph Eigenmann
Laurence Rochat

The Swiss Cross-Country Team goes ski jumping, or "Hopp Schwiiz"

To provide a glimpse into how the various national teams and athletes in the FIS disciplines are preparing for the new competition season, the FIS Newsflash will publish a series of articles under the heading `Athletes in Summer Training' over the course of the next three months. As always, feedback and contributions are greatly appreciated!

By Sandra Spitz

The countdown for the new season has started and all national teams have by now begun their preparations. While the German team headed to Willingen (GER), the hometown of head coach Jochen Behle, for its first training camp, the Austrian Cross-Country team went south to train with its new coaches Franz Gattermann and Bernd Raupach in Porec (CRO) on the Adriatic sea. Rather than sun, the Norwegians found some snow in Sognefjellet (NOR), the French in La RosiŠre/Col du Petit St. Bernhard (FRA) and the Canadians in Truckee, California (USA). Under the new head coach Magnar Dalen, the Finns are looking for new impulses by holding, for the first time, a summer dry-land training camp outside of their home country - in Sweden.

In contrast to traditional training camps, some teams have started the training season using unusual methods, such as the Swiss Cross-Country Team. The national team held its first training camp in Einsiedeln, central Switzerland, from the 22nd to 27th May. In good weather conditions and superb atmosphere, the team's schedule also included alternative exercises like ski jumping and rowing, all under the guidance of the team of coaches supporting the new head coach Giachem Guidon.

The Cross-Country athletes gave their best to follow the example of double Olympic Champion Simon Ammann on the KPT-Jumping Hill HS 28 in Einsiedeln. "I was a bit nervous before my first jump. When you leave the beam, there is no way back. But it was a very good experience in going beyond your comfort zone. And it was also a lot of fun", said Christoph Eigenmann, the second-place finisher in the World Cup sprint in Changchun (CHN) at the end of last season.

Laurence Rochat performed her first jumps under the supervision of Guido Landert, a member of the Swiss Ski Jumping National Team: "I started my basic training several weeks ago, so the camp here in Einsiedeln was a welcome change. At first, the jumping hill looked a bit dangerous but I like challenging sports. I'm looking forward to next season with exciting events, like the Tour de Ski and the World Championships in Sapporo (JPN)."

Once the athletes had lost their respect for the hill, the distance hunting began. The best jumps reached about 20 meters. Congratulations!

The Swiss Cross-Country team will have its second camp in mid-June. The camp, known as the `Tour de Velo,' will involve a cycling tour that starts from the team's training base in Davos (SUI) in direction of Samnaun (SUI), and then to Stelvio (ITA), St. Moritz (SUI) and back to Davos. All in all, the tour over the mountains will cover about 450 km!