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 News from the World of Skiing 

FIS Grand Prix Ski Jumping: Opening and final highlight in Germany
Grand Prix contender Jakub Janda

The 13th edition of the FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix promises some highlights: The start is on Saturday 5th August 2006 in Hinterzarten (Ger) with a individual event. It counts already for the newly installed ,4-nations-tournament" which includes the stages in Hinterzarten, Einsiedeln (Sui), Val di Fiemme (Ita) and Courchevel (Fr), The final will take place in Oberhof (Ger) on 3rd October, the date of the German reunification.

By Kurt Henauer

,This FIS Grand Prix stands in the sign of the change and the break up", the FIS Race Director Walter Hofer said. ,After the Olympic season there were some changes on the coaches side and we will also notice a change of generation in different teams." The contender of last summer's event is Jakub Janda, who also won the Overall World Cup in winter andthe 28-year old Czech has now got a new coach, the Austrian Richard Schallert. In training they changed the focus from quantity to more quality and until now it seems that Janda is already in a good condition, so it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his position against his numerous challengers. Two big names will be absent at the beginning of the Grand Prix: The double Olympic champion from Torino, Thomas Morgenstern (Aut), who starts this week with jumping training after an ankle injury, and Janne Ahonen. The Finn, who was second in the Overall World Cup last winter, prefers to participate in competitions of his hobby, drag racing. Whether he will start in a Grand Prix event this summer is still open. In contrast the Austrian Morgenstern knows when he will give his comeback: ,I'm looking forward to participate in Zakopane", the only 19-year old youngster said. He is highly motivated, the same as the other Olympic champion from Torino, Lars Byst”l. ,I did never before so much in summer than now", the Norwegian said. ,I feel that I could make a step forward again. This week we also get the new jumping suits and I hope to do well already in the beginning", he continued.

The overall winner of the ,4 nations tournament" will earn four gold bars with the equivalent value of 12'000 Swiss Francs. And as before the daily prize money per event will be 12'000 Swiss francs (ranks 1-6). To give the new tournament a higher TV standard the TV production will be done by the German producer Norbert Thielmann, who was honored after the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2005 in Oberstdorf for his extraordinary production. With his team he will produce the first three competitions; in Courchevel it will be done by Eurosport.

Other innovations in the this year's summer series are the new award ,Manner man of the day" and the introduction of a Youth cup as frame programme in Hinterzarten, Einsiedeln and Zakopane. The ,Manner man of the day" will be awarded to the best jumper in the daily final ranking who was not pre-qualified (not among the Top 15 in the GP-standings) and rewarded with 1'000 Euros for his achievement. The Youth cup is for female and male jumpers up to 14 years.

Included for the first time in the FIS Grand Prix are Kranj (Slo, 2nd September) and Klingenthal (Ger, 30th September).

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 Inside FIS 

Historical ladies cross-country seminar in Sapporo
Bente Skari during the seminar

At the FIS seminar for coaches of female cross-country skiers in Sapporo, over 100 people from Japan, Korea and even one person from Sweden attended. This was the first event ever held in Japan which concerned specifically the problems of ladies in sport. The most well-known speaker was the former Olympic and World Champion Bente Skari from Norway.

Skari told about her experiences as a top athlete and the former Norwegian coach Sindre Bergan, who was working for both the ladies and men's teams, characterised the differences of the training with young female and male athletes respectively. Nutrition of female athletes during competition was the subject presented by Swiss doctor Nanna Meyer who lives in Salt Lake City. Barbara Broger, former chairman of the FIS Subcommittee for Ladies Cross-Country, spoke about the history of this committee and the history in general of ladies cross-country as a competition sport.

Amongst the audience were also two representatives of the worldwide association ,women of sports". But most important was the presence of Bente Skari and the participants took advantage of her presence by asking numerous practical questions. Even with the reserved nature of the Japanese participants in such events it was possible to feel that this seminar was a success. (Information submitted by Barbara Broger).


Continued fight against dopingon several levels: FIS e-learning&testing programs

Available directly through the FIS website, FIS e-learning is a high quality online education program on the subject of anti-doping. The objective of the program is to enable learning about core ethical issues and to provide relevant information on various anti-doping topics. The FIS e-learning program consists of an informational section for all users, including anti-doping information, key definitions and answers to frequently asked questions, as well as of a password-protected course section designed specifically to assist the needs of coaches, medical staff, team managers and athletes.
To access the FIS e-learning program, follow this link:
WADA, too, has a comprehensive anti-doping education website dealing with several related subjects, including a number of resources to help the stakeholders understand the dangers and consequences of doping, and their responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code. A fun and informative way to test one's knowledge about anti-doping is the WADA Doping Quiz that is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Greek. To play the Quiz, click here:˙

During the 2005/06 season, FIS continued its rigorous in- and out-of-competition testing program. Although at the season's main competition, the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, the testing fell under the responsibility of the International Olympic Committee, the FIS 2005/06 in-competition testing program included 2278 tests. The large majority of them, 1834, were blood tests in addition to urine (351) and urine-EPO (93) tests. The importance of out-of-competition testing was emphasized with: a total of 231 urine, 72 blood and 171 EPO controls carried out through the FIS/WADA testing program in 2005. According to WADA statistics, out of all Olympic Winter Federations, FIS recorded the largest number of out-of-competition doping controls in 2005. In the FIS testing, only one positive test result was recorded.


 Member News 

Wige Data changed the company names

The long-term FIS data service partner for the three nordic disciplines Cross-Country, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, Leipzig-based company Wige Data, changed its company names: From 1st August Wige Data GmbH continues under the name ST Sportservice GmbH, the Wige Innovation GmbHfigures now under ST Innovation GmbH and the software development company Wige MIC Liberec SRO has become ST Software SRO.

ST is the short term for Swiss Timing which is a daughter company of the Swatch Group. In February 2006 this Swiss group of Watch companies bought the three mentioned Wige companies from the Wige Media AS Cologne. Now the three companies have been renamed but remain legally independent under the Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Heilfort.

ST Sportservice offers˙a complete service for many sports with high-tech equipment and specialist, media technology for sports facilities, special hardware and software applications, timing, data graphics and results services, video movement analysis and Internet services as well as virtual advertising.˙


 In Depth 

Vancouver 2010 venues taking shape
Cypress Mountain

Lot of construction is underway at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games sites in and around Whistler (CAN) where the Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as the Biathlon, Bobsleigh and Luge events will be staged. Many of the 2010 venues are scheduled to begin hosting athletes for training and test events two or more years prior to the Games. At the same time, an important goal for VANOC is to leave a legacy of sport and recreation in the area.

The Whistler Nordic Competition Venue is in especially active construction mode, while the site of the Alpine Skiing competitions - Whistler Creekside - is currently being upgraded.

Located in the scenic Callaghan Valley, 14 km from Whistler Village, the Nordic Competition Venue will host Cross-Country Skiing, Biathlon, Ski Jumping, and Nordic Combined events in 2010. After preparing the access road, creating some of the required temporary compounds and logging the jumping hill last year, the focus this summer has been on the Cross-Country and Biathlon competition trails, and on initial work on the stadiums and permanent buildings such as the day lodge. Construction has also begun on the ski jump structures, which should have their foundations completed by the end of the summer. Next year, the focus will be on finishing the in-run for the hill, the buildings, and all roads and bridges.

"Between the Biathlon and Cross-Country areas, about 15 km of competition trails will be prepared, of which about 5 km will be paved for roller skiing.˙ Additionally, another 30 km of easier `touring' ski trails are being planned," noted John Aalberg, VANOC Nordic Director. Following the Games, the Nordic venue will become a high-performance training center and offer excellent recreational opportunities.

"At Whistler Creekside, environmental approvals were received in June and the work started in July on course improvements to the downhill runs. Course contouring and shaping is currently taking place in five locations on the ski hill, and work is underway to upgrade the snowmaking infrastructure," said Pete Bosinger, VANOC Alpine Manager.

"At Cypress Mountain located on the outskirts of the city of Vancouver, the to-be-Snowboard and Freestyle venue is also on schedule and the final grading should be completed soon. The venue is in the process of getting the snowmaking pipes ready to be installed and it will be seeded in August," added Eric Fremont, VANOC Freestyle / Snowboard Manager.

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