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 News from the World of Skiing 

WADA approves 2007 List of Prohibited Substances

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Executive Committee, of which FIS President Gian-Franco Kasper is a member, has approved the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods for 2007. The 2007 List is valid for the upcoming 2006/2007 season includes only minor modifications and will be published online by October 1, 2006.

In addition, the WADA Executive Committee decided not to add artificially-induced hypoxic conditions to the 2007 List. "We have concerns about the method, especially because it may pose health risks if not properly implemented and under medical supervision. However, the practical implementation of a ban is just too difficult at this time," noted Mr. Kasper.

In 2006, WADA will spend US$ 5.4 million on scientific research in 2006, including 25 new projects that were approved by the Executive Board last weekend. WADA-sponsored research is targeted at identifying and detecting doping substances and methods. An example of such research is the development and validation of a detection method for hemoglobin based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) and the research currently underway on the impact of altitude on hemoglobin values.


Successful debut of super combined in ANC
Jono Brauer (AUS)

After two great days of racing, the speed series of the ANC staged at Mt Hutt in New Zealand provided results in two super-G races and two super combined events.

Racers from Australia and New Zealand were joined by athletes from USA and Great Britain in the men's events, and from France, Ireland and Great Britain in the ladies' events. Jono Brauer of Australia won the first super combined on 13th September with the first New Zealander Angus Howden finishing in third. The ladies' super combined was won by Claire Dautherives of France with the first New Zealander Michelle Greig finishing fourth and Lucy Ainge of Australia finishing seventh.

On September 14th, the second super combined was held in excellent weather and snow conditions providing results for the series and setting the scene for the technical finals at Mt Ruapehu this week. Overall, the first ANC super combined series was a great success and well received by the athletes and coaches alike.

Contributed by Neill Bell


FIS Roller Skiing season completes
Start of Trans'Roller

The 2006 FIS Roller Skiing World Cup finished with the Trans'Roller in France on 16-17th September. The last of the four World Cup weekends featured the six-kilometer uphill called Montee du Larmont on Saturday, followed by the 34-kilometer-long summer version of La Transjurassienne between Pontarlier and Mouthe on Sunday.

On Saturday, known names from the winter, Emmanuel Jonnier and Alexandre Rousselet (both FRA), managed to keep the Roller Skiing World Cup leader Alfio di Gregorio behind in the Montee du Lamont while Coraline Hugue claimed the victory ahead of Laurence Rochat (SUI) in the ladies' uphill climb.

In the Trans'Roller, Igor Glushkov (RUS) put di Gregorio to a final test as he claimed the day's honors but could not prevent di Gregorio from taking the season's World Cup crown. The ladies' Trans'Roller was won by Rochat who also took the victory in the four-stage Odlo Rollerski Tour while Anna Rosa (ITA) became the 2006 FIS Roller Skiing World Cup Champion.

The FIS Roller Skiing World Cup began in Oroslavje, Croatia, at the end of June, then stopped in Presolana (ITA), near Bergamo, in the beginning of July before traveling to Yaroslavl (RUS) on 5th-6th August, for a weekend of competitions.


 Inside FIS 

EBU and FIS plan for the future

A FIS-EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Workshop took place at the Zurich Hilton Hotel on Tuesday, 19th September. The meeting focused on issues relating to the FIS World Ski Championships in the Nordic and Alpine Events, for which the EBU is the holder of the television and marketing rights until and including 2013. Led by EBU Operations Director Stefan Kuerten the participants included Hagen Bossdorf and Michael Amsing from Germany's ARD and ZDF respectively, Tor Arne from Norwegian Television, Jean Brogle from Swiss Television, Turi Hachler, chairman of EBU's sports working group, and Ingolfur Hannesson, EBU's winter sports manager with FIS represented by its President Gian-Franco Kasper, Secretary General Sarah Lewis and Marketing and Communications Director Christian Knauth.

Various practical and logistical aspects of the broadcast operation were on the agenda, as well as input from the broadcasters in regard to the duration of the competitions, starting times and intervals, technical breaks, afternoon/evening races, official training and ceremonies. A key issue raised by the EBU, based on their viewing figures, concerns reducing the duration of the Alpine Championships from 16 to approximately 13 to 14 days, whereby in the event of a site which is˙known to have˙weather issues the duration could be increased again to a maximum of 16 days.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2011 in the starting blocks

The first gathering of the Coordination Group for the 2011 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER) for a so-called orientation meeting took place on Monday, 18th September. The main purpose of the get-together in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was to establish the working procedures, review the various milestones on the way to the championships in 2011, and initiate communication channels between FIS, the EBU, its host broadcaster and the EBU's marketing partner that is still to be appointed, together with the Organizing Committee and the German Ski Association.

Representing the German Ski Association was its President Alfons H”rmann and Alpine Executive Board member Walter Vogel; for the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mayor Thomas Schmid and for Ski Club Garmisch, President Peter Fischer together with Heinz Mohr who is heading the sports organization. A delegation from EBU's appointed host broadcasters was led by Werner Rabe for ARD and Achim Hammer for ZDF.

The next and most important step is the establishment of the Organizing Committee in order to commence the operational activities, whilst the construction work is moving forwards under the management of the town council's specially appointed expert.


Inawashiro 2009 right on target
Site Inspection
Kamerina Center

Wednesday, September 13th 2006 was the date of the second site inspection of the two venues that will be used to host the 2009 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships in Inawashiro (JPN). The participants included the twelve current full-time employees of the organizing committee, members of the Fukushima District Ski Association, managers of the Listel Ski Fantasia and Snow Paradise Inawashiro ski areas together with representatives of the Japanese Ski Association and Joe Fitzgerald, FIS Freestyle Coordinator.

The competitions in the 2009 championships will be split between the two ski areas located approximately 7km (15 minutes) apart. Moguls, dual moguls and aerials will take place at Listel, known as a long-term host of the Freestyle FIS World Cup in Japan. Ski cross and half-pipe will be staged at Snow Paradise Inawashiro. The opening and awards ceremonies, race office and media center will all be located in the `Kamerina', a 2800 square meter multi-sport facility situated between the two ski areas.

"The Listel Ski Area and the Kamerina Center have excellent infrastructure. Some work needs to be done on the development of the ski cross and half-pipe courses but the organizers are working hard to prepare the test competitions this winter with a ski cross World Cup and for half-pipe World Cups in 2008. Japan is a very strong market for Freestyle Skiing and we're seeing strong interest from both the advertising companies and TV stations in Japan," commented Fitzgerald.


Ski Jumping TDs getting familiar with new rules
Seminar Participants
Controlling the jumping suit

Over 70 participants from Europe and overseas were present at the 2006 Technical Delegate Course for Ski Jumping in Villach (AUT). Ueli Forrer (SUI), Chairman of the FIS Sub-Committee Rules and Control, led the two-day seminar which focused on the analysis of TD work 2004-2006 and on ICR changes during the same time period.

Other themes involved the preparation for the upcoming season. The TDs were presented with a new overall check-list designed to enable optimal cooperation between the TDs and organizers. Tonje W†le Florenes, representing the FIS Injury Surveillance System research team at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, discussed the ISS project and motivated the TDs to use the new injury reports properly. This includes a correct understanding of the definition for reportable injuries; in other words "all injuries that occur during official training or competition and require attention by medical personnel." The areas of focus for suit, helmet, shoe and ski controls and the various aspects of correct measurement were also impressively elaborated by Sepp Gratzer, FIS equipment controller.

Finally, congratulations go to the 12 seminar participants who took and passed the final exam and will now be allowed to work as TD assistants as of this season.


Dates confirmed for FIS Academy intensive courses

The FIS Academy Executive Administration five-day program will take place on the following dates over the 2006/7 season:

Monday, 4th - Friday, 8th December, 2006
Monday, 5th - Friday, 9th March, 2007
Monday, 4th - Friday, 8th June, 2007

The five-day intensive program is of particular interest to National Ski Association senior staff and event organizers. The training provides practical tools and innovative approaches which can be immediately applied to the work environment. A winter sport case study will also form part of each program.

Some of the 'Founding Fathers' of the sport industry join Manchester Business School academics to provide a tailored, intensive, world-leading education program for the FIS family.

For more information regarding the program, please email