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 News from the World of Skiing 

Adam Malysz won in Oberhof and the Overall Grand Prix
Overall winner Adam Malysz

The Polish ski jumper Adam Malysz won the FIS Grand Prix 2006 with victories in Val di Fiemme (Ita), Zakopane (Pol), Klingental (Ger) and at the final event in Oberhof (Ger). There he achieved the total score of 285,9 points with jumps reaching 132,5 and 135,5 metres. Second was Norwegian Anders Bardal 277,8 (133/130,5) and third Finn Janne Ahonen 273,6 (130,5/131,5).
Behind Malysz, the Austrian Wolfgang Loitzl, who came˙in 4th place in the competition ranking,˙finished second in the overall ranking - like the year before. His teammate Andreas Kofler (8th in Oberhof) overtook the Swiss Simon Ammann (4th).˙The double Olympic Champion could only finish 24th on the large hill in Oberhof.

Klingenthal (GER) set the stage for the second-to-last FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix event on Saturday 30th September 2006. Over 12,000 spectators witnessed the first World Cup Ski Jumping competition held in Klingenthal in 20 years. Klingenthal is also scheduled to host the final event of the FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix in 2007.˙ In Oberhof. Adam Malysz was the great winner.


 Inside FIS 

Planning forward at FIS Autumn Meetings

Over 300 members of the FIS Technical Committees together with numerous representatives of the Member National Associations and Organizing Committeestradition gathered for the traditional FIS Technical Committees' Autumn Meetings in Zurich from 27th September until 1st October. Following the detailed discussions and reviews of the previous two-year period that took place at the 45th International Ski Congress held in Vilamoura (POR) in May, the Autumn sessions concentrated on reviewing the work done in the past four months and discussing the many practical items in anticipation of the 2006-2007 season.


Cross-Country:,Nations Boxes" and feeding stations will be tested
Vegard Ulvang

In its first meeting under the supervision of the newly-appointed Chairman Vegard Ulvang (NOR), the Cross-Country Executive Board approved the basic principles for the World Cup Calendar 2007/2008, including continuing the tradition of the successful pre-season opening at the end of October and planning another overseas trip to Canada, in preparation of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. The Zurich meeting also finalized plans for the two trials during the upcoming season: a test of the so-called "Nations' Boxes" for feeding during a race, as opposed to an official feeding station, at the La Clusaz (FRA) World Cup in December. At the traditional Holmenkollen competition in Oslo (NOR) in March, the season's second trial will allow the athletes to change their skis during the race at a fixed "Nation's Box" in the stadium. The Cross-Country Executive Board also reiterated its wish to organize an annual seminar for all World Cup Host Broadcasters to continue to develop the quality of TV production of World Cup events. The Lowlanders', Ladies' and World & Continental Cup Sub-Committees also held their regular meetings in Zurich, while the OPA (Organization of the Alpine Countries) used the occasion to prepare for the upcoming season and the Rules Sub-Committee took the opportunity to stage a special seminar for the World Cup Tds.


Ski Jumping: Main competition series all going strong
FIS GP competition in Klingenthal

The FIS Ski Jumping Committee's Autumn Meeting was held close to Klingenthal in the wonderful IFA-Ferienanlage Sch”neck. It concentrated on analyzing the past season and planning the mid-term future of the sport. As summarized by Committee Chairman Jouko T”rm„nen, the three main competition series (the FIS World Cup, Continental Cup and FIS Cup) are all doing well and the main objective for the future is to maintain the high quality. That is also why future organizers will have to follow the organizational guidelines ever more carefully and be prepared to fulfill even more detailed selection criteria.

The Sub-Committee Jumping Hills, under the guidance of Chairman Wolfgang Happle, will undertake a flight projectory research study together with the ETH Zrich (Technical University of Zurich) at the upcoming FIS World Cup in Engelberg (SUI). The goal is to adapt the guidelines for the construction of new hills to the effective flight curve. The project will be led by Hans-Heini Gasser (SUI).

Ueli Forrer (SUI), Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Officials, Rules and Control, expressed his satisfaction with the increased quality of judging. Quality controls performed by experienced judges have served to raise the quality level and today, as shown by analysis of the season, the five judges in any given competition will award scores within a very narrow range.

Following the successful introduction of the Youth Cup for male and female jumpers aged 12 to 14 this summer,˙ Lahti (FIN) will organize the first Youth Cup winter competition during the World Cup to be held there in March 2007.

Contributed by Kurt Henauer


Nordic Combined: ,Nordic Combined Compact" to premiere in March

The Executive Board of the Nordic Combined Committee focused in its Zurich meeting on evaluating the past summer season, specifically the Summer Grand Prix 2006, and on preparing for the new season. As this summer, when the Summer Grand Prix consisted of a total of five races, the Summer Grand Prix 2007 is scheduled to include five competitions within ten days during the second half of August 2007.

As determined in Vilamoura, the calendar for the upcoming season will introduce the so-called "Nordic Combined Compact." Like the hurricane sprint two years ago, the condensed version of the event - referring to the start of skiing race a maximum of 30 minutes after the completion of the jumping will have its world premiere in Lahti and will also be tested in Oslo in March.

The Nordic Executive Board also confirmed with pleasure that the open weekend in January will feature races in Harrachov (CZE) and agreed on the framework calendar for the 2007-2008 season which will be up for detailed discussion in the spring calendar conference to be held in Portoroz (SLO).


Alpine Skiing:˙ Many long-term investments in different resorts
Atle Skaardal
Gnther Hujara

A large number of meetings and working group sessions kept the Alpine Skiing representatives busy while in Zurich. One of the major items on the agenda for the Alpine Executive Board and the World Cup Committee was the planning of preliminary agendas for the next two seasons. While strong general agreement exists on the main principles for calendar planning, the actual implementation requires very close cooperation by all parties: the Member Associations, Organizing Committees, competition resorts and host broadcasters together with FIS.˙ In addition to praising the excellent cooperation and high motivation of the World Cup organizers, Chief Race Directors Atle Skaardal and Gunter Hujara took advantage of the presence of all key players to commend the significant long-term investments being made in a number of resorts and by several OCs in the future of Alpine Skiing.
The impact of climatic changes, the current availability of indoor skiing opportunities and their potential future importance for high-level competitive skiing was discussed in detail in numerous meetings. The Zurich session also provided an opportunity for the FIS Alpine World Cup organizers to meet with the representatives of FIS in a formal setting, as well as for the World Cup Coaches' (ladies and men's) to discuss the topics of importance with their FIS counterparts.


Freestyle Skiing: Working for the future˙

Both the Freestyle Committee and the newly re-named Sub-Committee for Rules and Officials met over two days at the Zurich Autumn Meetings. Several points were on the Committee's agenda, including a review of the different types of jumps and associated skill levels, and how they should be considered by the judges this coming season. It unanimously agreed to maintain the same standards and procedures that were in place for last season. A review of the degree of difficulty (DD) values will be undertaken in the next months and proposals for a refinement of the jumps in moguls by the spring. This complements the Committee's interest in performance-based measurement systems to be introduced in the mid-term future.
The newly restructured Coordinating Group also met for the first time, spending a significant amount of time to review the structure of the various working groups under the direction of the Rules and Officials Committee.

Commenting on the planned new 'performance measurement criteria and systems,' Marko Mustonen (FIN), the new Chair of the Rules and Officials Sub-Committee, indicated: "There's been some significant research done so for and still lots of work needed to bring concrete proposals and rules forward to the Freestyle Committee." Chairman Chris Robinson noted that he was pleased with the continuing interest in the Freestyle Skiing FIS World Cup and the number of bids for the different freestyle events for season 2007-2008.˙


Snowboard: Defining the "Snowboard Classics"

While the FIS Snowboard Committee proper will only convene in Portoroz in the spring of 2007, the Snowboard community had no time to sit on their laurels in Zurich. In addition to a detailed Snowboard Technical Delegates' update session and training, including exams!, the Snowboard Coordination Group, Task Force and TD Working Group held their sessions.

The Coordination Group determined, among other things, the assignments of Technical Delegates and Judges for the upcoming season and the provisional 2007/2008 calendar.˙It also spent ample time discussing the future of the sport specifically in terms of calendar planning, which included the need to build so-called "Snowboard Classics" into the calendar and the specific needs of the Freestyle (big air, half-pipe, slopestyle) and Alpine (parallel events and snowboardcross) given their differing target audiences and groups of practitioners.


Telemark: Continental Cup starts with three competitions

The most important decisions taken during the Telemark Committee meeting as reported by its chairman Anthony Favre, were the introduction of the Continental Cup with two competitions in France and one in Switzerland. Additionally after two years work the guidelines for the World Cup, the World Championships and the Continenal Cup were created and wiil be submitted for the approval of the FIS Council. A Norwegian company has produced the software for a new data system to show the penalties immediately after the athletes pass the finish line. The committee noted with pleasure that the World Cup 2007 in Rjukan (Nor) will have live television coverage.


Speed Skiing: World Championships 2007 in Verbier

The lively meeting, welcoming 18 members and observers from 10 nations, discussed a wide range of important topics. For the highest level of competition, the committee unanimously endorsed the rebid by Verbier (SUI) to host the 2007 Speed Ski World Championships in early April 2007, which had earlier received the full support of SwissSki. The French Ski Federation proposed holding the 2009 World Championships in Vars (FRA), which was also enthusiastically supported by the Committee, with a couple of minor provisos. Since all SpeedSki World Championships have been held in Europe to date, Committee also discussed the possiblity of having an event in North America in the not-too-distant future.
The SpeedSki World Cup calendar was endorsed, with particular thanks to Cervinia (ITA) who agreed to host the WC Finals from 31 March to 2 April 2007. Vars (FRA) have proposed running a trial WC race in January to open the season, and Bad Mitterndorf (AUT) bid for a slot in late February, which was accepted subject to homologation and a trial FIS race prior to the WC. The Speed Ski WC programme now boasts 9 events at 7 locations, giving competitors a better chance to compete than for many years. The 2006/2007 WC season will also be used to assess the viability of a new `nations cup' format, designed to encourage Junior and `downhill category' skiers to compete, thus helping to grow the basis of the sport. The Committee thanked Kalevi Hakkinen (FIN, and our past Chairman) for offering to present a perpetual trophy to the best placed dh-category racer in SpeedSki WC.
The discipline now has a number of offers for sponsorship in kind, particularly for timing and photographic support, while lacking a major sponsor; however, negotiations continue with a potential sponsor for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. In order to assist this process, the Committee nominated Romuald Bonvin (SUI) as its sponsorship coordinator. He joins Luc Cristina (SUI - TDs and Homologation) and Jean-Lou Montes (FRA - Youth and dh-cat support) as members with specific portfolios.
Contributed by Dick Taplin


Several FIS World Cups cooperating with Right To Play

Right To Play - an athlete-driven, international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play as a tool for development of children and the youth is pleased to announce that it has confirmed partnerships with several well-known organizers of the FIS World Cups.˙ The FIS Alpine World Cup events held in Wengen, Adelboden, St. Moritz and Lenzerheide (all SUI), the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Are (SWE), as well as the Nordic Skiing World Cup event in Oslo (NOR) have all agreed to donate VIP Tickets together with a night of accommodation to be auctioned for the organization's benefit. Additional partnership negotiations are underway with the FIS Snowboard World Championships in Arosa, the Ski Jumping World Cup in Engelberg (SUI) and the Four-Hills Tournament for Ski Jumping, just
to mention a few.

"We are in the process of building a special Internet site to promote our activities within the world of skiing. In addition to providing a platform for fund-raising, we are hoping that this site will become a key information source on the engagement of our Skier-Athlete Ambassadors and our programs on-the-ground," commented Jorn Kasine, Right To Play's newly-appointed Manager for FIS Relations in Zurich. He added: "We are very pleased about
the opportunity to use our partnership with FIS to promote our campaigns and other activities at major FIS events, and are convinced that we will be able to cement a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration. For me personally, given my 20 years of experience in professional skiing, this partnership presents both a considerable challenge and a fantastic opportunity for making Right To Play known in the skiing world." For more information,
please visit


Program for the FIS Academy Intensive Course available

The details for the FIS Academy Executive Administration five-day program are now available. Premiering as part of the newly-structured course is the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the various lecturers and visiting scholars which effectively provides top level consulting - for a current project or problem that a course participant is experiencing in their job. For more information or to register for the course scheduled to be held from 4th - 8th December 2006, please click here


 Member News 

Czech Ski Association into the future
Lukas Sobotka

Elected in June and at 32 years of age the youngest President in the history of the Czech Ski Association, Lukas Sobotka provided some insights into his plans for the future of the Association in Zurich. "Clearly, our main objective is to build on the excellent cooperation that has already been established with all the main parties, including FIS, EBU and the marketing partners, to plan and deliver successful FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec in 2009. The team there is working very hard under the direction of Rudi H”ller and we have solid support from the government. The organizing committee is also greatly benefiting from Roman Kumpost's extensive experience in the field, and from his new role as Chairman of the Association's Supervisory Board," he said.

President Sobotka's additional goals for the Association include building on the success of overall World Cup Champion Jakub Janda in Ski Jumping last season to develop a strong national team as well as to prepare a concept to develop speed skiing and telemark in the Czech Republic. In the long term, he indicated that he will be working closely with newly-appointed General Secretary Norbert Pelc on the overall objective to popularize the sport of
skiing in the Czech Republic, especially through closer cooperation with the mass media, in particular Czech TV.