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Languages: German - English - French
Birth place: Furtwangen
Residence: Freiburg im Breisgau
Skis: Fischer
Occupation: Sports soldier
Education: A level
Hobbies: Sports - Computer - Skiing
Ski Club: SV Baiersbronn
National Coach: Hermann Weinbuch
  • Germany's Manuel Faisst is another one of the athletes who have Nordic Combined in their blood. In Faisst's case, his father has been a Nordic Combined athlete himself and worked as a coach at Faisst's home club of Baiersbronn. 4-year-old Manuel skied down the outrun of the 10-metre hill at Bergergrund and by 5 years, he had already made his first jumps.

    Soon, Faisst's ambitious personality came into play and he kept collecting medals and trophies in his younger years. In 2009, Faisst won at the European Youth Olympic Festical in Sczcyrk and the OPA Games at his home venue in Baiersbronn, as well as making his debut in the World Cup at Lillehammer. He achieved his first World Cup Top Ten result in 2011 at Ramsau am Dachstein with a career-best seventh rank. 

    In his most successful season so far (2012/13), Faisst dominated the Junior World Championships at Liberec, walking away with all possible gold medals in the two individual and one team event as well as getting started at university in Freiburg where Faisst is studying law.

    The winter of 2015/16 became somewhat of a breakthrough season into the elite level of the sport with Faißt earning his first World Cup podium rank in Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria as well as finishing just outside of the overall Top Ten with the final eleventh rank. The following season proved difficult at the start for Faißt but in the end he could look back on a third place in Sapporo Japan and a 13th place in the overall standings despite his difficulties.

Latest World Cup Results

1761625.03.2018Gundersen NH HS106/15.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup15
1761524.03.2018Gundersen NH HS106/10.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup20
1760918.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KKlingenthalGERWorld Cup9
1760817.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KKlingenthalGERWorld Cup15
1760514.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KTrondheimNORWorld Cup20
1760413.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KTrondheimNORWorld Cup13
1760110.03.2018Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KOsloNORWorld Cup6
1759504.03.2018Gundersen LH HS130/10.0 KLahtiFINWorld Cup29
1756704.02.2018Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KHakubaJPNWorld Cup5
1756603.02.2018Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KHakubaJPNWorld Cup3
1756028.01.2018Gundersen NH HS109/15.0 KSeefeldAUTWorld Cup18
1755927.01.2018Gundersen NH HS109/10.0 KSeefeldAUTWorld Cup17
1755826.01.2018Gundersen NH HS109/5.0 KmSeefeldAUTWorld Cup15
1755220.01.2018Gundersen LH HS118/10.0 KChaux-NeuveFRAWorld Cup17
1754614.01.2018Gundersen LH HS135/10.0 KVal di FiemmeITAWorld Cup13
1754412.01.2018Gundersen LH HS135/10.0 KVal di FiemmeITAWorld Cup21
1751817.12.2017Gundersen NH HS96/10.0 KmRamsau am DachsteinAUTWorld Cup30
1751716.12.2017Gundersen NH HS96/10.0 KmRamsau am DachsteinAUTWorld Cup10
1750403.12.2017Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KLillehammerNORWorld Cup22
1749726.11.2017Gundersen LH HS142/10.0 KRukaFINWorld Cup17
1749625.11.2017Gundersen LH HS142/10.0 KRukaFINWorld Cup28

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