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Languages: English,French
Birth place: Steamboat Springs Colorado
Residence: Steamboat Springs Colorado
Skis: Fischer
Bindings: Silvretta
Suit: Meininger
Occupation: Captain America
Education: High School
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: Cycling,golf, sleeping
Ski Club: Steamboat Sprgs Winter Sprts Club
National Coach: Dave Jarrett
Personal Coach: Chris Gilbertson
Othersports: Downhill skiing, soccer, golf
  • Growing up in Steamboat Springs, one of the big hubs of the Northern American Nordic Combined sport, Taylor Fletcher has been exposed to elite athletes and Olympians like Johnny Spillane from an early age on. His biggest source of inspiration, though, has always been his older brother Bryan with whom Taylor competes together with on the US Ski Team. "We have a very unique relationship. We are both driven athletes and at times can be the best of friends but in competition we are individual athletes. Bryan has been my motivation to keep involved in the sport and he has also helped me through my difficult obstacles in sports", Fletcher writes on his website.

    In the season of 2012/13, "little brother" Taylor managed to outclass Bryan for the first time in the World Cup. By delevoping into one of the fastest cross-country skiers in the field, it is definitely a "taylor-made" strategy for Fletcher to land an acceptable jump and then catch up from behind. By setting the fastest cross-country times regularly, many an athlete have felt the hot breath of the American on their backs while Fletcher worked his way to the front. In Seefeld, he also claimed the first podium rank of his career when coming in third. He repeated this feat in Sapporo, Japan in 2015.

    "But I cannot turn my back for long", Taylor sums up, "Because Bryan likes standing on the podium as much as I do. We are a team and will remain that way for the rest of our lives. I have his back and he has mine."


Latest World Cup Results

1686706.03.2016Gundersen NH HS106/15.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup23
1686605.03.2016Gundersen NH HS106/10.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup27
1686028.02.2016Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KVal di FiemmeITAWorld Cup26
1685927.02.2016Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KVal di FiemmeITAWorld Cup24
1685523.02.2016Gundersen LH HS127/10.0 KKuopioFINWorld Cup25
1685321.02.2016Gundersen LH HS130/10.0 KLahtiFINWorld Cup28
1685119.02.2016Gundersen LH HS130/10.0 KLahtiFINWorld Cup24
1684210.02.2016Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KTrondheimNORWorld Cup27
1684109.02.2016Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KTrondheimNORWorld Cup28
1683806.02.2016Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KOsloNORWorld Cup30
1683130.01.2016Gundersen NH HS109/10.0 KSeefeldAUTWorld Cup41
1683029.01.2016Gundersen NH HS109/5.0 KmSeefeldAUTWorld Cup47
1682524.01.2016Gundersen LH HS118/10.0 KChaux-NeuveFRAWorld Cup21
1682423.01.2016Gundersen LH HS118/10.0 KChaux-NeuveFRAWorld Cup20
1679020.12.2015Gundersen NH HS98/10.0 KmRamsau am DachsteinAUTWorld Cup20
1678919.12.2015Gundersen NH HS98/10.0 KmRamsau am DachsteinAUTWorld Cup32
1677606.12.2015Gundersen LH HS100/10.0 KLillehammerNORWorld Cup13
1677505.12.2015Gundersen LH HS138/10,0 KLillehammerNORWorld Cup26

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