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Languages: German - English
Birth place: Annaberg- Buchholz
Residence: Geyer
Skis: Fischer
Bindings: Winair
Boots: Rass
Suit: Meininger
Occupation: Sports Soldier
Education: School
Children: 1
Hobbies: Volleyball - Music
Ski Club: SSV Geyer
National Coach: Hermann Weinbuch
Othersports: Soccer
Majorinjuries: Brain trauma, broken arm
  • Eric Frenzel has Nordic Combined in his blood: his father, who also coached his first training group, introduced Eric to Nordic Combined at a very early age. Eric started skiing when he was just two years old and made his first jumps when he was six.

    Frenzel's first career highlight came when he won the gold medal at the World Championships in Oslo in 2011. He will also go down in the history of Nordic Combined as the first winner of a Penalty Race in Lillehammer during the season 2011/12. In the following winter, he established himself firmly among Nordic Combined's top athletes by winning another World Championship title and the World Cup overall ranking in the same winter.

    After the Olympic season of 2013/14, Eric Frenzel ascended to the rank of a superstar of the discipline. The by then 25-year-old entered his name into the history books as the big dominator of the winter, winning all there is to win including an Olympic gold medal, the overall World Cup title for the second time in a row and the title in the newly created season highlight, the Nordic Combined TRIPLE.

    Though facing some difficulties in the following season of 2014/15, he stil took home the overall World Cup title, for the third consecutive time in a row and was also unbeatable at the second edition of the TRIPLE.

    In the following winter, finding words to describe Frenzel's astonishing performances turned difficult. Not only did the by then 27-year-old win the third TRIPLE in an incredible race against all odds, he also raised his World Cup victory count to 31, making him the most successful German Nordic Combined athlete in the history of the discipline. At the end of the winter, he also took home his fourth consecutive crystal globe, a feat that only legendary Finnish athlete Hannu Manninen accomplished before.

    But the German superstar did not think about resting on his merits in the following winter. Even though teammate Johannes Rydzek put up an immense fight, resulting in the tightest over all World Cup finish in the recent past, Frenzel managed to win his fourth TRIPLE trophy and the fifth consecutive crystal globe. No athlete has ever managed to win five overall trophies in Nordic Combined before.

    In his free time, Eric likes to spend time together with his friends and his wife Laura, whom he met at the Elite School of Winter Sports in Oberwiesenthal. In 2007, they welcomed their son Philipp, in 2015, Leopold was born. Frenzel and his wife expect their third child in June 2017. He also likes to play other sports like soccer and volleyball.


Latest World Cup Results

1761625.03.2018Gundersen NH HS106/15.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup13
1761524.03.2018Gundersen NH HS106/10.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup18
1760918.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KKlingenthalGERWorld Cup26
1760817.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KKlingenthalGERWorld Cup4
1760413.03.2018Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KTrondheimNORWorld Cup1
1760110.03.2018Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KOsloNORWorld Cup10
1759504.03.2018Gundersen LH HS130/10.0 KLahtiFINWorld Cup15
1756028.01.2018Gundersen NH HS109/15.0 KSeefeldAUTWorld Cup6
1755927.01.2018Gundersen NH HS109/10.0 KSeefeldAUTWorld Cup10
1755826.01.2018Gundersen NH HS109/5.0 KmSeefeldAUTWorld Cup11
1755220.01.2018Gundersen LH HS118/10.0 KChaux-NeuveFRAWorld Cup10
1754614.01.2018Gundersen LH HS135/10.0 KVal di FiemmeITAWorld Cup17
1754412.01.2018Gundersen LH HS135/10.0 KVal di FiemmeITAWorld Cup9
1751716.12.2017Gundersen NH HS96/10.0 KmRamsau am DachsteinAUTWorld Cup1
1750403.12.2017Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KLillehammerNORWorld Cup15
1749726.11.2017Gundersen LH HS142/10.0 KRukaFINWorld Cup2
1749625.11.2017Gundersen LH HS142/10.0 KRukaFINWorld Cup12

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