Yoshito WATABE

a.k.a. Yocchi

Yoshito Watabe

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Languages: Japanese, English
Height: 171
Weight: 59
Birth place: Hakuba Nagano
Residence: Tokorozawa Saitama
Skis: Fischer
Boots: Fischer
Occupation: Athlete
Education: Hakuba High School
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: Sports
Ski Club: Waseda Univ.
National Coach: Takanori Kohno
  • As Akito Watabe's younger brother, the sport of choice was probably not difficult to find for Yoshito Watabe. Born in 1991, he made his World Cup debut in Val di Fiemme in 2009, three years after his older brother and has been a fixed part of the Japanese World Cup team since the winter of 2011. Yoshito, who has since developed into one of the best jumpers in the field, is generally known to be an open and friendly athlete who is also not above making funny poses for pictures and always taking his time for media requests and statements which come more and more frequently after Yoshito started collecting PCR and ski jumping part wins in the season of 2012/13.

    This winter can definitely be regarded as the breakthrough year for the student, starting for Waseda University, as he claimed his first Top 30 overall rank, and, after a series of close calls, also his first World Cup podium with rank three at Holmenkollen, Oslo. Again, he managed to do this together with his brother Akito who came in second in the same competition. In typical Watabe-manner, the brothers later summed up their achievements as "Eric Frenzel was in the Watabe-sandwich today! Our mother will be really happy!".

    As Yoshito continues to grow as a cross-country skier, more "Watabe-sandwich" results will certainly be possible in the future and hopefully for Yoshito, he will also be able to turn them around, so that the "family feud" does not always end better for the older brother.

Latest World Cup Results

1614515.03.2014Gundersen NH HS100/10,0 KFalunSWEWorld Cup17
1613808.03.2014Gundersen LH HS134/10.0 KOsloNORWorld Cup35
1613606.03.2014Gundersen LH HS140/10.0 KTrondheimNORWorld Cup29
1613028.02.2014Gundersen LH HS130/10.0 KLahtiFINWorld Cup23
1609726.01.2014Gundersen LH HS137/10.0 KOberstdorfGERWorld Cup33
1608817.01.2014Gundersen NH HS109/5.0 KmSeefeldAUTWorld Cup28
1606222.12.2013Gundersen NH HS106/10.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup30
1606121.12.2013Gundersen NH HS106/10.0 KSchonachGERWorld Cup15
1605515.12.2013Gundersen NH HS98/10.0 KmRamsau am DachsteinAUTWorld Cup13
1604808.12.2013Gundersen LH HS138/10.0 KLillehammerNORWorld Cup15
1604707.12.2013Gundersen NH HS100/10.0 KLillehammerNORWorld Cup25
1604030.11.2013Gundersen LH HS142/10.0 KKuusamoFINWorld Cup19

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