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  • Chaikovskiy located in the Russian district of Perm Krai on the river Karna, about 235 kilometres southwest of Perm. The town is named after the Russion composer Pjotr Illytch Chaikovskiy who was born in a nearby smaller town and also a famous touristic centre in the Western Ural region.

    The hill centre "Snezhinka" in Chaikovskiy is connected to a winter sports education centre where about 150 students are taught. From 1980 till 85, five smaller hills (K90 - K10) were built. The facility was completed with a large and a normal hill for which the construction began in 2010. The first Russian championships were held at the 22.-26.3.2012 and in September of the same year, the ski jumping Continental Cup had its first stop in Chaikovskiy. The HS 106 and HS 140 hills had their international Nordic Combined premiere when the Continental Cup stopped there in the winter of 2012/13.

Latest News

  • Chaikovskiy's podium on Sunday, 5.1.2014

    Willi Denifl wins second competition in Chaikovskiy

    The win in the second Individual Gundersen competition in Chaikovskiy went to Austria's Wilhelm Denifl. After a dominant race, he crossed the finish line first, putting 22.4 seconds between him and his closest adversary, Björn Kircheisen (GER) who claimed rank two. With rank three, Miroslav Dvorak (CZE) also made the jump onto the podium again, 22.6 seconds behind Denifl, only losing out narrowly to Kircheisen in a finish line sprint.

  • Tim Hug claims his first victory

    Tim Hug conquers the cold in Chaikovskiy

    It was cold in Chaikovskiy, Russia and the Nordic Combined athlete who was able to cope best with the tough conditions was Tim Hug. The Swiss claimed his first ever World Cup win in the first Individual Gundersen competition from the normal hill by passing the finish line 5,7 seconds ahead of Germany's Björn Kircheisen. Miroslav Dvorak from the Czech Republic also made the jump onto the podium. He arrived in the finish 8,3 seconds after the leader.

  • Chaikovskiy

    From Russia with Love - The year 2014 starts in Chaikovskiy

    It is off to new shores for Nordic Combined as the Russian venue of Chaikovskiy will see its premiere on the World Cup circuit as the first competition of 2014. Chaikovskiy is located in the Russian district of Perm Krai on the river Karna, about 235 kilometres southwest of Perm. The town is named after the Russian composer Pjotr Illytch Chaikovskiy who was born in a nearby smaller town.

  • The start in Chaikovskiy

    Goodbye 2013, hello 2014 - Starters for Chaikovskiy

    Nordic Combined will welcome the new year of 2014 from Chaikovskiy, Russia but it will be slightly different face of Nordic Combined that spectators and TV audiences will get to see at the first World Cup of the new year. As many teams use the time right after the New Year for a training camp with the focus on the Olympic Games in Sochi, it's the chance for the strong Continental Cup athletes to make an appearance on the World Cup and fight the remaining World Cup athletes for podiums, positions and Olympic qualifications.

  • Faces of Ladies Nordic Combined

    Ladies Nordic Combined gaining momentum in Russia

    Right before for the first Russian World Cup stop in Chaikovskiy, there is also the first major news to be announced about the development of Ladies Nordic Combined in Russia. The region of Perm, where Chaikovskiy is also located is spearheading a new female Nordic Combined movement with currently 55 girls training to change the future face of the discipline.

  • Nordic Combined spectator crowds

    Olympic season 2013/14 - ready, set, go!

    The wait is almost over! The season 2013/14 is about to explode into action and we can almost see the hustle and bustle of officials, service people, physiotherapists, journalists, coaches and athletes again who just have one question they would like to answer: who is this year's ultimate winter athlete? But let's take the time, lean back and have a look at every single venue of this extended season preview 2013/14.


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