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    Chaux-Neuve is a village with about 200 inhabitants in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France, close to the border to Switzerland. The next bigger city is Pontarlier which is located about 30 kilometres to the Northeast. Chaux-Neuve has always been a venue dedicated to Nordic Combined.

    The venue

    The ski jumping facility La Côté Feuillée consists of multiple smaller training hills and one big HS118 hill where the competitions are held. As early as 1965, the construction of ski jumping hills was started but had to be stopped for a couple of years because of problems with the earthwork operations. During the winter of 1989/90, the project was restarted and the smaller hills were completed in this winter and inaugurated with a Nordic Combined Europa Cup. In 2010, the biggest of the old hills was restructured and transformed into a modern HS118 hill. It was officially inaugurated during a Nordic Combined World Cup in 2011.

    The cross-country track, which attracts large crowds of spectators up to 15.000 people, winds through the fields around the hills and crosses the outrun of the large hill.

    Past winners & podiums

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Latest News

  • Team Sprint podium in Chaux-Neuve

    Germany takes back Team Sprint throne

    After yesterday's Norwegian gala performance, Team Germany II struck back today, claiming the top spot on the podium ahead of Norway II and Germany I. Edelmann/Riessle crossed the finish line 0.4 seconds ahead the runners-up Kokslien/Graabak. The third rank went to Rydzek/Frenzel with a lag of 2.1 seconds.

  • Kokslien triumphs in Chaux-Neuve

    Kokslien steals the win in Chaux-Neuve

    After everything looked like a clear triumph for German sensation Eric Frenzel after his PCR win yesterday and his jumping victory this morning, Mikko Kokslien from Norway was able to wrench the victory from the German dominator. He crossed the finish line 0,9 seconds ahead of his teammates Magnus Krog and Joergen Graabak (+1,3), making this competition a total triumph of the Norwegian athletes.

  • Frenzel and Haug after the PCR in Chaux-Neuve

    Frenzel dazzles the competition in the PCR in Chaux-Neuve

    Eric Frenzel is back from the Christmas break and he is stronger than ever. The German won the PCR in Chaux-Neuve with an impressive jump of 115 metres, the longest jump of the day. With 128.3 points he lead the field and would go into the cross-country race with 26 seconds of head start on teammate Tobias Haug who claimed a good second rank with 113 metres (121.9 p.). Jan Schmid from Norway ranked third with 109,5 metres and 121 points.

  • Chaux-Neuve Impressions 2012/13

    The time of truth: Chaux-Neuve is on!

    After conquering new ground in Russia with the World Cup stopping in Chaikovskiy for the first time, this weekend is all about returning to a traditional Nordic Combined venue - and one known for its massive numbers of spectators as well.

  • Jason Lamy Chappuis

    TT - Jason Lamy Chappuis: "I like competitions with a lot of pressure!"

    Triple overall winner, Olympic champion, multiple World Champion, flag-bearer: Nordic Combined superstar Jason Lamy Chappuis has achieved what others only dream of, still he is as hungry for success as ever. In this edition of TUESDAY TALK, the Frenchman explains why he can go for more Gold in Sochi, how his experiences as an advertising testimonial have been and how he experienced being named the French flag-bearer for the Sochi opening ceremony!

  • Nordic Combined spectator crowds

    Olympic season 2013/14 - ready, set, go!

    The wait is almost over! The season 2013/14 is about to explode into action and we can almost see the hustle and bustle of officials, service people, physiotherapists, journalists, coaches and athletes again who just have one question they would like to answer: who is this year's ultimate winter athlete? But let's take the time, lean back and have a look at every single venue of this extended season preview 2013/14.


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