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  • Large hill podium Lillehammer 2013/14

    Strong Frenzel victory in Lillehammer

    Nordic Combined superstar Eric Frenzel grabbed victory in the second Individual Gundersen competition in Lillehammer today. The German finished a whopping 52 seconds ahead of Magnus Krog (NOR). They were joined on the podium by Akito Watabe (JPN) who crossed the finish line 52,6 seconds after Frenzel.

  • Jason Lamy Chappuis wins in Lillehammer

    The World Champion strikes back - Jason Lamy Chappuis wins in Lillehammer

    And the first win in Lillehammer goes to… Jason Lamy Chappuis. The Frenchman crossed the finish line 13,5 seconds ahead of Akito Watabe from Japan. The podium was completed by local hero Mikko Kokslien from Norway who finished 18,3 seconds after Lamy Chappuis.

  • Jumper soaring over Lillehammer

    Back to the Norwegian bastion - Lillehammer up next!

    After an impressive show of Norwegian strength at the Nordic Opening in Kuusamo, there can hardly be a more interesting place the Nordic Combined World Cup could go to on this upcoming weekend than Lillehammer. The traditional venue of the famed 1994 Olympics will wait with two Individual Gundersen competitions, a new cross-country venue and a brand-new concept.

  • Ruka hill panorama

    Positive snow control for Kuusamo

    Only one week to go until the season opening 2013/14 and the snow on location will most probably not be a problem. Today, the FIS snow control gave the green light for the competitions, both on the hill and on the cross-country track. 

  • No snow jumping in Lillehammer!

    No jumping due do warm weather in Lillehammer

    Although the winter was well on its way a couple of days ago, autumn apparently isn't quite ready to let go for this year as the Norwegian, French and Austrian team who had picked Lillehammer as their training/competition venue had to see. Due to the warm temperatures of the last couple of days, jumping on snow on Lysgårdsbakken was not possible, so a change of plans was due.

  • Nordic Combined spectator crowds

    Olympic season 2013/14 - ready, set, go!

    The wait is almost over! The season 2013/14 is about to explode into action and we can almost see the hustle and bustle of officials, service people, physiotherapists, journalists, coaches and athletes again who just have one question they would like to answer: who is this year's ultimate winter athlete? But let's take the time, lean back and have a look at every single venue of this extended season preview 2013/14.


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