• The preliminary calendars of 2015/16

    Preliminary calendars presented at FIS Spring Meetings

    The FIS technical committee meetings which are traditionally held in Zürich in every April also contained spring’s big news: the preliminary calendars for the Summer Grand Prix 2015 and the upcoming winter season 2015/16. As all calendars still have to be approved at the FIS Calendar Conference in Varna, Bulgaria in June, all dates are still subject to change and some weekends are still works in progress.

  • Christoph Bieler calls it quits

    Christoph Bieler decides to end his career

    After Mario Stecher, the second veteran in the Austrian team has called it quits. With 20 years of World Cup experience, the 37-year-old has now decided to not continue in the next season. In his career, Bieler won three Olympic and two World Championships medals and had a total of six World Cup victories.