• NC Contest TRIPLE Slogans

    „3 days, 2 disciplines, 1 champion“ wins 2nd Contest period

    After we have taken some time to consider the numerous entries for the second period of the Nordic Combined Contest, we finally have a winner! An independent Jury consisting of the Nordic Combined staff and a number of communications professionals from the FIS office at Oberhofen voted and finally picked a winner.

  • TRIPLE 2015 - Day 3

    Third NC Contest period - here we go!

    Here’s the new challenge for the time until the World Championships in Falun start! Until the 15th of February, we would like you to submit the funniest Nordic Combined-related GIF or meme!

  • TRIPLE 2015 - Day 3

    TRIPLE 2015 - Day 3

    Impressions from the final day of the Nordic Combined TRIPLE 2015 in Seefeld

  • TRIPLE 2015 - Day 2

    TRIPLE 2015 - Day 2

    Impression from the second day of the Nordic Combined TRIPLE in Seefeld, 2015