Adam Cieslar also wins the Mass Start at the Universiade

29 January 2015 16:12
Adam Cieslar also wins the Universiade Mass Start
Adam Cieslar also wins the Universiade Mass Start -

Three days after the first competition, Polish and German racers occupied the medal podium in Nordic Combined again. Adam Cieslar showed the best combination of skiing and ski jumping (216.9 points) and won the second gold medal in the Mass Start event at the Winter Universiade 2015 in Strbske Plesp. German David Welde reached another silver medal (210.3 points) and successful day for Poland was completed byMateusz Wantulok on the third place (208.4 points).

After the initial race, David Welde had been in the lead with the cross-country time of 27:20.6, finishing 39.3 seconds ahead of Adam Cieslar who had left Welde to do the leading work. The intermediate third position was held by Russia’s Samir Mastiev who finished one minute behind Welde.

After the first round on jumping, Cieslar had already worked his way to the top of the results table with an jump of 89.5 metres and an intermediate point total of 163.6, leading over David Welde’s 156.9 points after his short 77 metres. The third position went to Japan’s Go Yamamoto with 86 metres and a total of 153 points. The second round of jumping did not change anything about the gold and silver medals but Cieslar’s teammate Mateusz Wantulok did manage to snag the bronze medal from Yamamoto with a 94 metre-jump. With a total of 208.4 points, he beat out Yamamoto’s 207.1, l. The rest of the Top Ten ranks went to Takehiro Watanabe, Ernest Yahin, Mikke Leinonen, Pawel Slowiok, Viktor Pasichnyk and Aguri Shimizu.

Adam Cieslar (POL) – 1st place:
„I do not feel fit today, so the race was even more difficult. David was strong at skiing part so I followed him in order to decide about my victory in ski jump part. Weather conditions made me a bit afraid, however everything ended up well. I am so happy for Mateusz. He showed solid jumps in training and what is more important, he was able to repeat it in the final.“

David Welde (GER) –  2nd place:
„The start of cross-country part was difficult for me, when all the racers surrounded me in one big group. I gained the speed and it was me against the time in the rest of skiing part. As a lonely leader, it is difficult to motivate yourself to do your best. In the jumping part, I got a bit nervous, because both of my attempts were delayed due to wind. The second jump was much better than the first one and overall I am happy for the silver medal.“

Mateusz Wantulok (POL) – 3rd place:
„When David and Adam see the race as difficult, it was extremely hard for me. I did not feel good today, moreover the track was hard. Great prepared skis helped me a lot to the bronze position. At the beginning of race there was no space for finding a good  running position. Thus, getting to the front of race really exhausted me and I missed this energy at ski jumping. I do not like when there is no trial round in ski jumping, because my first jump is usually shorter. Thankfully, my second jump ( the second longest in competition) secured me the bronze medal.“

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