Adam Cieslar injured in cycling accident

22 August 2013 20:41
Adam Cieslar
Adam Cieslar -
Alicja Kosman, PZN

The worries about injuries are not stopping for the Polish team. It will be a training break of a minimum of a couple of months for Poland's Adam Cieslar who broke his collarbone in a cycling accident yesterday. The athlete who was headed to the Summer Grand Prix in Oberwiesenthal will now have to spend some time in the hospital and with rehabilitation after the necessary surgery.

Cislar's overturning his bike comes only weeks after recovering from overstressing his knee in the training camp in Spale this June. Cislar also had lost half of last winter due to another knee injury which also had to be surgically treated.

Instead of Cislar, his teammates Pawel Slowiok and Szczepan Kupczak will now be competing at the Summer Grand Prix.

We wish Adam a speedy recovery!