„After all the work I’ve done, I can’t give up now!“

TUESDAY TALK: Szczepan Kupczak (POL)

27 September 2016 14:34
Poland's Szczepan Kupczak
Poland's Szczepan Kupczak -
Sandra Volk

Poland’s Szczepan Kupczak certainly has not been among the lucky athletes in the past couple of months. After a bad fall with a serious dislocation of his shoulder in Ramsau am Dachstein, the 23-year-old had just struggled through the rehabilitation process when a freak accident in Oberstdorf sent him back down the same spiral. In TUESDAY TALK, he explains what happened and gives some insights into his daily training and recovery.

You were really unlucky, dislocating your „bad“ shoulder again during the Summer Grand Prix in Oberstdorf. Can you tell us a little bit what happened exactly and how you are doing at the moment?

Kupczak: It was a bad accident. After my jump, I made a stupid mistake after landing because I lost focus. It was my best jump at the Summer Gran Prix I think and I was really happy. That was not the best idea because the grass in the outrun at Oberstdorf was really unkind to me on this day (laughs).  Now I have to do rehabilitation again.… As last time, I also take part in the training with team but I have little changed training plan for myself already.

As we can also see with Jarl Riiber, shoulder injuries are not so easy to deal with in Nordic Combined. Do you know how long your recovery period will take, especially in regards to the season opening in Ruka?

Kupczak: Yes, I heard that he is also struggling with his shoulder still. It's sad news. He showed a great performance in this summer. I guess it's a hard time now for us both because we do not have a lot of time until winter so we must heal quickly. So yes, get well soon Jarl! (smiles) But I'm on a good way already. Lucikly, it's not necessary to have surgery on this shoulder so that's one good news!
How does your recovery/training look like in detail at the moment?

Kupczak: I spend a lot of time in the gym at this time. I am trying to make my legs as strong as possible. I have some exercises for my shoulder and some bicycling and rollerskiing with one pole, so I have some movement. I just try to be in a good mood. After all the recovery and the work I’ve done in the pre-season, I can't give up now.

So looking at the upcoming season, which goals do you have?

Kupczak: Hmmm my goals for this season...  At this moment it's something of a private mystery! (laughs) Maybe you can see my goals when I reach them during the winter. (laughs).