Akito Watabe claims last PCR win of the season

17 March 2017 22:00
Akito Watabe flying in Lahti
Akito Watabe flying in Lahti -

Japan’s Akito Watabe has taken the top spot in Schonach’s Provisional Competition Round/Qualification. With 105 metres, Watabe offered the same distance as runner-up Eric Frenzel but received 127.5 points due to a better landing than the German superstar. On the track, it would be only three seconds that separated Watabe from Frenzel. 

Also the two other closest pursuers, Frenzel’s teammates Manuel Faißt and Fabian Rießle were only 16 and 18 seconds behind with two jumps of 101 m (123.6 p.) and 99 m (123.0p.). Johannes Rydzek didn’t blink in the fight for the overall 2016/17 and showed 104 metres in very good conditions. 122.1 metres meant 22 seconds to catch up on leader Watabe. Norwegian Jørgen Graabak also had an impressive jump of 100.5 metres, which put him 36 seconds behind the Japanese.

The unlucky athletes who did not make the cut today were Lukas Runggaldier, Je-Un Park, Taylor Fletcher, Matti Herola, Kail Piho and Karl-August Tiirmaa, who was hit by a wind gust. Slovenian Leon Sarc was disqualified.

Final results