Akito Watabe claims national title

27 December 2015 09:51
Akito Watabe wins Japanese nationals 2015
Akito Watabe wins Japanese nationals 2015 -

For the Japanese athletes, the national championships were on schedule in the World Cup break over Christmas and the new year at Nayoro in the north of the Hokkaido island this past weekend. As to be expected, team leader Akito Watabe took the title ahead of Takehiro Watanabe and Hideaki Nagai.

Watabe had ranked third after the jumping event with a point total of 111 points but moved up the remaining two ranks by setting the fastest cross-country time of 27:36.2 for the 10 kilometres. Runner-up Takehiro Watanabe won the jumping event with 118.5 points and had a head-start of 30 seconds on Watabe but was no match for the Olympic silver medallist with the eighth fastest cross-country time. He finally finished 58.5 seconds after Watabe.

Action in deep snow in Nayoro, Japan


Third placed Hideaki Nagai improved a 17th position after jumping into the final third position with the third-fastest cross-country time but finished a whopping one minute and thirty seconds after Watabe. Ranks four, five and six went to Yusuke Minato, Ryosuke Kamimura and Yoshito Watabe.

The competitions also featured a female event with three starters. The title went to Yura Murakami ahead of Sana Azegami and Ayane Miyazaki after one jump and three kilometres of skiing.

Final Results (in Japanese)