Akito Watabe keeps on winning!

15 September 2013 19:45
Hakuba Nordic Festival podium 2013
Hakuba Nordic Festival podium 2013 -
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After winning this year's Summer Grand Prix together with Austria's Berni Gruber, it seems Akito Watabe isn't done with standing on top of the podium yet. At the Nordic Summer festival back hime in Habuka, Watabe took another win, ahead of teammates Taihei Kato and Takehiro Watanabe. Yoshito Watabe came in fourth.

Yoshito Watabe seems to have recovered perfectly from his Summer Grand Prix crash in Oberwiesenthal as he was in the lead after the jumping part of the competition with a jump of 89,5 metres which give him 100,5 points and a 10 second-lead on his brother Akito who delivered 88 metres (108 p.). Unofrtunately, Yoshito was only able to roller-ski the 23rd best time out of the 67 total starters which cost him a place on the podium.

At the intermediate point, Takehiro Watanabe was already lurking in third place with a time behind of only 18 seconds. In the race, the 4th and 9th fastest cross-country times were enough for Akito Watabe and his young teammate Watanabe to overtake Yoshito Watabe and claim the first two spots on the podium. Akito finally finished a clear 33 seconds ahead of Watanabe. Taihei Kato set the second fastest cross-country time with 19:03.6 for the 10 kilometres and improved his intermediate eleventh rank to a final podium position. He finished 1:05 after Watabe but about 5 seconds before Yoshito Watabe.

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