Akito Watabe second winner in Oberwiesenthal

25 August 2013 21:32
Akito Watabe wins Oberwiesenthal 2013
Akito Watabe wins Oberwiesenthal 2013 -
Sandra Volk

A beaming Akito Watabe took the second win in Oberwiesenthal and the first Summer Grand Prix win of his careert: the Japanese crossed the finish line first in today's Individual Gundersen competition. Miroslav Dvorak followed 3,2 seconds after Watabe, rank three went to Johannes Rydzek from Germany who finished 4,2 seconds after Watabe.

In the ski jumping part, Akito Watabe reigned supreme in today's rainy weather with a jump of 103,5 metres and 120,3 points. Christoph Bieler ranked second (101 m; 119,2 p.) and Russia's Evgeniy Klimov confirmed the good jumping shape he already showed yesterday by grabbing the third rank (100,5 m; 115 p.). Japan's Taihei Kato also crossed the 100 metres (101,5 m 113,6 p.) and followed on the fourth rank. Tim Hug from Switzerland, who had already set the longest jump in the trial round, had another good try of 99,5 metres which meant an intermediate rank 5.

Yoshito Watabe had a bad fall during his jump when he lost control over his skis shortly after the takeoff and crashed hard on the landing hill. Luckily, the Japanese did not sustain any serious injuries and was back on his feet immediately after he stopped at the bottom.

For the roller ski race, this meant a 5-second time advantage for Akito Watabe on Christoph Bieler. Klimov and Kato followed 21 and 27 seconds later.  Björn Kircheisen claimed the best position for the locals heroes from Germany with his tenth rank (+0:57). Johannes Rydzek followed on rank 16 (+1:12). World Champion Eric Frenzel was only 21st with a time disadvantage of 1:29 for the race.

After moving back to the town to roller ski the 2,5 kilometre loop, Akito Watabe went out on the 6 times 1775 metres first and never relinquished that lead again. First skiing together with Austria's Christoph Bieler, the Japanese soon managed to build up a comfortable lead on the followers who formed a big group which fought for the places two to six in the end.

In the end, Miroslav Dvorak won the battle and claimed the second rank on the podium, followed by Johannes Rydzek who set the fastest time on the track and improved from an intermediate 16th to a final third rank.. The top six were completed by Austria's Berni Gruber, teammate Mario Seidl and local hero Björn Kircheisen. Russia's Evgeniy Klimov, who had conquered an impressive third rank after the jumping went back the third-but-last place.

The next competition, another Individual Gundersen, is now on at Villach, Austria on Wednesday. The ski jumping competition starts at 17:00, the race at 19:00.

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