Akito Watabe wins rainy PCR in Oberstdorf

03 September 2015 20:00
Akito Watabe wins the rainy PCR in Oberstdorf
Akito Watabe wins the rainy PCR in Oberstdorf -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

Different venue, different weather, same winner: as in Oberwiesenthal but in considerably colder and wetter weather, Japan’s Akito Watabe has taken the win in the Provisional Competition Round again. With a jump of 136,5 metres he set the longest jump of the day and topped the list with 145.3 points which meant a 32-second head start on Eric Frenzel who landed at 128.5 metres (137.2 p.). The third rank went to Watabe’s brother Yoshito who achieved 126.5 metres. A total of 134.9 points put him 42 seconds behind his brother, should the PCR have to be used in adverse weather conditions tomorrow.

Behind the top three, the rest of the Top Ten ranks were split between the German and Austrian team with the exception of Ilkka Herola on rank six. Tobias Simon, Wolfgang Bösl took ranks five and six, Mario Seidl and Bernhard Gruber shared rank seven. Johannes Rydzek and Philipp Orter rounded out the best ten athletes who would have to start until about one minute later than Watabe.

With the first test of the metre value of 1.8 points per metre, the field was a bit more stretched out as usual, going back until a time behind of 3 minutes and 35 seconds for the last qualified athlete, Bernhard Flaschberger. The unlucky few who did not make the qualification for tomorrow were France’s Tom Balland and Antoine Gerard, Czech Republic’s Ondrej Pazout, Ukraine’s Ruslan Balanda and Italy’s Lukas Runggaldier.

Final Results