TT - Alessandro Pittin: "I was very angry with myself in Val di Fiemme!"

26 July 2013 14:30
Alessandro Pittin
Alessandro Pittin -

After two seasons with injuries and setbacks, Italy's Nordic Combined star Alessandro Pittin is ready for action again. took the time to catch up with Vancouver 2010's bronze medalist and talked about his "home" World Championships in Val di Fiemme, the training progress and Alessandro's new Athlete Commission membership.


You were really unlucky with injuries during the last winter. How do you feel now? Is everything fully healed now or do you still have problems? How hard is it to also recover mentally?

Alessandro Pittin: The injury I suffered last winter was not so bad, but it took me away from trainings and competitions for about one month and it was hard to recover fast for the second part of the season. It wasn't painful and it didn't gave me uncomfortable feeling so I could heal fast physically.

The one I suffered last season, on the contrary, was a little bit harder than I thought. I still have some mobility problems with my left shoulder but I'm working on it to feel good again. Mentally was not so difficult to recover after the injuries because of my backbone that pushes me always to get back stronger but I still have some things to improve in the ski jumping after the long break I had last summer.


Due to the injuries, your home World Championship in Val di Fiemme also didn't go as well as hoped. How do you move past such disappointments as an athlete?

Pittin: During the championships I was very angry with myself because I had very good jumps in training just a couple of weeks before and then I completely lost my good feeling. I was also disappointed by all the troubles I had in the last year so it was difficult for me to accept the results in Val di Fiemme. But as an athlete, I know there's always good days and bad days so I didn't waste my time rethinking the past. The only thing I could do was to move on and train hard to get back at my best level. 


With the Olympics, the next highlight is already coming nearer and nearer. What are your personal goals and do you think a good result at the Olympics could make up for the "bad" home World Championships?

Pittin: At the Olympics and World Championships the only goal is a medal and another medal after Vancouver would be fabulous. It would definitely make up for all the bad results and problems I had in the last two seasons! 


You are Nordic Combined's new representative in the Athletes' Commission. Do you look forward to participate in the decision making process on behalf of the athletes? From your perspective as an athlete, what's the thing that needs improving the most in Nordic Combined?

Pittin: I didn't have time to participate at the meetings so far but I'm looking forward to create something good during next two years. I have to find some time to organise myself and talk with the athletes so that I will know their thoughts and problems. From my side, I think there's still a lot of things to improve in our discipline. One of this is to involve people to follow Nordic Combined more and more, for example with new race formats. Personally I don't like the Penalty Race...


What are your plans until the Summer Grand Prix now (camps etc)? Do you plan to take part in the summer competitions?

Pittin: We are training within Val di Fiemme and Tarvisio in this period and we are also having some tests. I also participated in a couple of ski roller competitions in Italy and I'm satisfied with the results. I will take part in the Summer Grand Prix but I don't think I'll be in shape for this competitions.