Armin Bauer grabs Italian national summer title

14 October 2013 11:07
Bauer ITA Champion
Bauer ITA Champion -

After winning the winter title this spring, Armin Bauer has also secured the summer national titel in a joint competition with the Slovenian team in Planica and Tarvisio this past weekend.

In the ski jumping part on the new HS139 hill in Planica, Samuel Costa had been the best of the Italian starters ahead of Armin Bauer. During the race on the bike track in Tarvisio, the two switched positions and Alessandro Pittin was able to make up two places from his intermediate fifth and finished third.

But actually it was Slovenian shooting star Marjan Jelenko who, already being in the lead after the jumping part, won the joint competition with a 1,35 lead over Italian champion Bauer. Gasper Berlot and Mitja Oranic finish third and fourth in the joint ranking list before Costa and Pittin came in as the next Italian starters.

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