Austria plagued with bad luck: Klapfer fractures clavicle

19 September 2016 09:19
Austria's Lukas Klapfer
Austria's Lukas Klapfer -

The Austrian bad luck streak of injuries in the spring/summer 2016 continues. After David Pommer and Lukas Greiderer, now also Lukas Klapfer has suffered a fracture of the clavicle in his left shoulder. As teammate Pommer, Klapfer had an accident while mountain biking. He is currently being examined in the private hospital Maria Hilf in Klagenfurt and will probably have surgery later today.

Head coach Christoph Eugen: „It is a very unfortunate coincidence that two of our athletes injured their clavicle while biking. The mountain bike is a common training method for us and such accidents can happen. Nevertheless, we are confident that Lukas will be able to rejoin the team quickly and will not lose too much time.“