Austria takes team title at EYOF 2015

28 January 2015 17:19
Austria wins the EYOF team event 2015
Austria wins the EYOF team event 2015 -
Skigymnasium Stams

Daniel Rieder, Philipp Kuttin, Samuel Mraz and Mika Vermeulen have taken the team gold medal at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Liechtenstein/Vorarlberg. They defeated team Germany (Schnurr, Schwaiger, Kopp, Hengelhaupt) by 3.3 seconds.The bronze medal went to Yann Laheurte, Brice Ottonello, Lilian Vaxelaire and Theo Rochat of Team France who finished one minute and 13 seconds after Austria.

Austria wins the EYOF team event 2015

The German team had been in the lead after the jumping part of the event with four jumps of 93.5, 96, 101 and 99 metres and a total of 454.7 points which translated into a time advantage of 23 seconds on Team France who finished with 437.5 points. 55 seconds after Germany, Gasper Brecl, Matevz Malovrh, Jaka Matko and Vid Vrhovnik held the third rank after accumulating 413.3 points. The Austrian team found themselves in the intermediate sixth position (398.6 p.), one minute and 15 seconds behind the leader from Germany.

In the race, however, the Austrians were able to turn the tide and overtake all other teams on their way to victory. With the fastest cross-country time of 55:22.3 for the 4 x 5 km, Rieder, Kuttin and Mraz each made up time in their groups until Samuel Mraz had caught up with Tim Kopp on the third leg of the race. Mika Vermeulen faced off against EYOF gold medallist Willi Hengelhaupt on the last two laps and had the slightly better time with 13.59.8 in the end.

The French team never got close to the fight between Germany and Austria during the race but held the fourth placed Czech team off by a whole minute in the end. Finland ended up on the fifth place, Italy was sixth.

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