Austrian home team for Ramsau am Dachstein

14 December 2017 08:32
Willi Denifl in Ruka
Willi Denifl in Ruka -

Nordic Combined fans can look forward to a wintry weekend in Austria’s Ramsau am Dachstein resort. The home crowd will be able to cheer the following local heroes on:

- Willi Denifl

- Lukas Greiderer

- Fabian Steindl

- Christian Deuschl

- Mario Seidl

- Paul Gerstgraser

- Bernhard Flaschberger

- Lukas Klapfer

- Franz-Josef Rehrl

- Martin Fritz

- Philipp Orter

David Pommer has to sit this World Cup weekend out due to persistent pains in his right knee. “I have had these problems for a while now,” Pommer said. “At the moment, it’s limiting me, especially in the ski jumping part and I am not able to show my full potential like this. I would like to get to the bottom of this before returning to the World Cup.”

Next to Pommer, also Mika Vermeulen has to skip the home World Cup in Ramsau due to a crash in a recent cross-country skiing sessions. Vermeulen broke his nose and suffered multiple lacerations on his face.