Austrian team completes training camp in Villach & Planica

12 January 2016 19:16
Berni Gruber & Mario Seidl
Berni Gruber & Mario Seidl -

Busy times for the Austrian team also without World Cup events: Christoph Eugen’s squad dropped in on the ski jumping colleagues at the 4 Hills Tournament finals in Bischofshofen before completing a training camp with the first training group in Villach and Planica, including a test event on the last day.

World Champion Bernhard Gruber tried to take the difficult situation without a lot of competitions in stride: „It is not easy to keep up the energy levels over this long period of time. We train the whole summer, so of course we want competitions in the winter. It’s really bitter that the warm winter has thwarted all our efforts since the beginning of the year but it’s the same for every athlete and every nation. I am sure FIS and the National Ski Associations will do everything in their power to ensure as many competitions as possible are held on a later date.“

Meanwhile, Gruber’s teammate Sepp Schneider, who had a bad training crash in Lillehammer earlier, is on the road to recovery.

Team doctor Dr. Jürgen Barthofer: „Sepp Schneider suffered a severe concussion in his crash in Lillehammer and has been unconscious right after. He’s doing quite well under these circumstances at the moment and there have been no injuries of the spine or head. He’s complaining from pain in his shoulder and in his knee that was operated on after he tore his ACL in the past but we can be sure there are no major injuries. He was able to leave the hospital yesterday. How long his training and competition break will be is not certain at this moment.“