Austrian Team for World Cup opener fixed

21 November 2015 11:26
The Austrian World Cup team 2015/16
The Austrian World Cup team 2015/16 -
Nordic Combined Austria

The last Austrian training camp before the World Cup Opener in Ruka has come to an end and with two last decisive internal competitions, head coach Christoph Eugen has fixed his team for the first World Cup period.

The eight Austrian starting places will go to:
Bernhard Gruber
Willi Denifl
Lukas Klapfer
Mario Seidl
Philipp Orter
Paul Gerstgraser
Harald Lemmerer
Fabian Steindl

Gruber, Denifl, Klapfer, Seidl and Orter were set by the coaching staff and Paul Gerstgraser has a personal start right due to his silver medal at the Junior World Championships. The remaining two positions were up for grabs in two competitions, one in Rovaniemi, one in Ruka and Lemmerer and Steindl proved to be the strongest.

The training camp had the team make use of the ideal conditions in Rovaniemi with an open jumping hill and ten kilometres of prepared cross-country tracks for the first week before getting some experience on the facilities in Ruka.

„We had great conditions in Rovaniemi and Kuusamo. Exactly when we travelled up here, the snow came“, head coach Christoph Eugen sums up. „We were able to prepare very well, for the athletes, the first snow contact is extremely important. Both competitions showed that we have a compact and effective team in which the young athletes are closing the gap to the older ones. It was a very exhausting 10 days, so everybody deserves some rest at home now before we travel back up to Finland next Wednesday.“