Austrian team returns to the hills

21 June 2013 17:09
Seidl camp Saalfelden
Seidl camp Saalfelden -

In the blistering heat of over 30°C, the Austrian team held its next training camp in Saalfelden, Austria. After having set the focus on basic endurance training and different exercises for coordination and technique, the first summer jumps were on in this new camp.

Per day, two units of jumps were held. Head coach Christoph Eugen consciously avoided other training units in order to ensure perfect regeneration: "We have been preparing for the jumping with dry runs since the middle of May and now the athletes have to bring this over to the hills. We live really close to the hills, in the Saliterhof in Saalfelden where we have perfect conditions from accommodation to catering. This way, we can focus on jumping and jumping only."

The record temperatures definitely also  took additional toll from the athletes. "We are used to extreme temperatures but this heat definitely takes some power away", newcomer Mario Seidl says. "We try to train early in the morning or late at night. Berni Gruber and me have also jumped into a nearby lake to cool down! But the first summer jumps have been easy for me which shows that my work so far was good."

Teammate Willi Denifl was satisfied with the camp: "My start of the jumping season was super, the dry exercises have really paid off. I don't care about the high temperatures. On the contrary, I am happy to have these great summer days without having to go somewhere on holiday in order to get them!"

Christoph Bieler agreed: "We have really improved from the first jumps. Last year, it was much more difficult due to the changes in the suit regulations. The K-60 here in Saalfelden is really good to get a first feeling and the whole camp is focussed on ski jumping. I hope the improvement goes on in this way!"