Bauer takes COC win in Høydalsmo

12 January 2014 17:25
Armin Bauer landing in Høydalsmo
Armin Bauer landing in Høydalsmo -
Local OC

Armin Bauer from Italy won the second Continental Cup competition in Høydalsmo. As yesterday, Marco Pichelmayr came in second and fellow Austrian Lukas Greiderer completed the podium on rank three. Bauer finished a split second earlier than Pichlmayer in a finish line sprint, Greiderer reached the line 2.1 seconds later.

Armin Bauer took an intermediate tenth position in the hill, but had terrific speed in the cross-country race an powered around the course to make up a time behind of 34 seconds on intermediate leader and local hero Jarl Riiber. Riiber jumped 93,5 metres which gave him 131.5 points and the lead in the cross-country race, 6 seconds ahead of teammate Christian Ingebrigtsen. Tobias Simon from Germany ranked third and went out on the cross-country track 12 seconds after Riiber.

Marco Pichelmayer and Lukas Greiderer were leading most of the race. They started out 16 seconds before Bauer and didn`t let the Italian overtake them before the last 200 meters. "I think I had a very good starting position", the Italian said, who is now preparing for the Nordic Combined TRIPLE in Seefeld next weekend.

"I had a good race in front with Lukas Greiderer, but on the last lap Bauer came and in the end we had a hard sprint", runner-up Pichelmayer added. With a place on the podium both days, he is satisfied with COC-weekend. "Høydalsmo seems to be a good place for me". Both Austrians now hope to compete in the new season highlight, the Nordic Combined TRIPLE in Seefeld next weekend.

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