AC: Berlot, Faller und GER 1 won in Schonach

16 April 2011 17:45
Berlot400 -

Gasper Berlot (Solvenia) and Thomas Faller from germany won the Alpencup in Schonach. Berlot won after jumping and a 10km-Cross-Country-Race before Wolfgang Boesl (GER) and Lukas Jancik (CZE). Second and third in the Sprint-race (5km) were Johannes Firn (GER) und again Lukas Jancik.


Germany 1 (with Morweiser, Boesl, Woelfle, Riessle) celebrated the victory in the team-challenge. Poland (Broda, Slowiok, Cieslar, A., Zarycki) and Germany 3 (Schwaiger, Faller, Timm, Pfeiffer) followed.


Result 16.1.09 (10 km)


Result 17.01.09 (5km)


Result 18.01.09 Team (4 x 5 km)