Berni Gruber wins qualification in Oberstdorf

29 August 2013 16:39
Bernhard Gruber Oberstdorf
Bernhard Gruber Oberstdorf -
Sandra Volk

The last venue of the Summer Grand Prix 2013 is on and the Austrian Berni Gruber got the best end on the first day in the southernmost Germany municpality. With 128 metres and 144 points, he showed the best performance in today's qualification. Ranks two and three went to Norwegian Jan Schmid (127,5 m; 143,6 p.) and Finland's Janne Ryynänen who jumped 128,5 metres which gave him 141,4 points.

Should the weather not be favourable tomorrow, today's results can be used as a PCR. According to today's results, this would mean a 2-second lead on the roller ski track for Gruber. Ryynänen would follow 10 seconds behind. The rest of the Top Ten, Klemetsen, Rydzek, Haug, Herola, Moan, Watabe and Hug, would follow closely behind within 31 seconds.

The following athletes did not make it through today's qualification: Hochegger, Welde, Bauer, Cailleau, Sharabayev, Brandner, Buffard, Klapfer, Guy, Balanda, and Han-Hendrik Piho. Brother Kail Piho was disqualified. Niyaz Nabeev from Russia landed the longest jump of the day with 129 metres but was not able to stand his try. Due to the 95 % rule, he is still qualified for tomorrow competition, though.

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