TT - Bryan Fletcher: "The team podium in Schonach? - It's big!"

08 January 2013 15:11
Bryan Fletcher Oslo
Bryan Fletcher Oslo -

With their first ever podium result with a four-man-team, the US boys were over the moon after the team event in Schonach. talked to Bryan Fletcher about his individual goals, the long travels away from home and the World Championships in Val di Fiemme.

We're right after the Christmas break now, you and your team spend it at home in the USA. What have you been doing?

Bryan Fletcher: Yes, we were at home, just hanging out and skiing. I went to Wisconsin for a couple of days with my girlfriend's family and hung out there. It's just a relaxing time with a little bit of training in Park City. When we came back to Europe after Christmas, we went to Seefeld to train for a couple of days because there was no snow at Schonach.

After your triumph in Oslo where you won the King's Cup, you haven't been on the podium again. Is that something you would call a goal for the next individual World Cups?

Fletcher: Well, I guess it's always a goal when you're competing. In Oslo, I just put two and two together really well and it was a great day. Coming into this season, I knew it wasn't going to be automatic, podium after podium. So, I am still working on it. For me, the goal right now is as many Top Ten results as possible and hopefully a few podiums to add to the resume.

At the moment, there's quite some movement in American winter sports, with the success stories of the cross-country athletes and now also your podium. Do you have any explanation where that is coming from? Do you guys push each other?

Fletcher: I think so. With the cross-country guys doing so well, we definitely don't want to fall behind! We're definitely trying to one-up them always! (laughs). Well, right now, there's success across the board and it's the result of good training and just the right timing.

You always have these long trips to the venues and are also away from home for these long periods of time. Is this making the competing even harder for you than for other teams?

Fletcher: It is hard. Five weeks on the road is a long time, especially when at every stop we go to, the internet is never good. It's tough to stay in touch and stay on top of what's happening at home. But we're doing a pretty good job and have a good attitude about it. It makes it easier on these long trips, we all work together. Being over here is obviously very important for us and it's also exciting to have a big block of competitions and have a chance to get on a roll.

So, when are you going home next?

Fletcher: February 5th!! After Sochi we will go home and train for a little bit, preparing for the World Championships.

Talking about the World Championships, how important is that team third place from Schonach in realising you can actually get your hands on a medal in Val di Fiemme?

Fletcher: It's big! It shows that we can do it and kind of takes a little bit of the pressure off to get it in the big event. We are going to go for it, for sure and just see what happens and take it from there.

We have the events in Chaux-Neuve on on the upcoming weekend. What's special about going there?

Fletcher: Chaux-Neuve is an interesting place, I have been there a lot and I really like the jump there. There's always a big crowd, lots of kids running around which is always nice to see. It actually reminds me of home when we had the World Cup there, all the schools were let out so the kids could go and watch the event. It's fun to see that, especially as an athlete when they're coming to watch you compete!