Up close and personal: Francois Braud (FRA)

06 May 2016 11:08
Up close and personal: Francois Braud (FRA)
Up close and personal: Francois Braud (FRA) -

After the big success of „On the verge“ two years ago, the concept of getting the athletes to speak about each other is making a comeback: „Up close and personal“ will focus on the big names in the World Cup, giving fun insights to the person inside the athlete. First up: French team leader and Falun silver medallist Francois Braud.

6 questions outside of sports

How do you make yourself feel at home while traveling?

When im travelling, I love to see to taste different things from what I have in my country. So actually, I really don’t need to feel at home.

When was the last time you experienced a perfect day (and what happened?)?

My last perfect day was a few days ago, little touring ski in the morning with my girlfriend, great weather, great snow and an amazing view on the Mt Blanc. In our backpack with had a good bottle of wine, a fresh baguette with some good cheese inside that we ate in the middle of the nature - fantastic!

If your life was made into a movie, who should play you?

That would be the Superman movie! (laughs)

If you had to pick a job today, what would you like to be?

I always dreamed of being a pastry chef because I always make my own desserts, cakes and bread and I love it. But on the other hand I would love to be coach as well, helping the young talents.

What would be the hardest thing for you to give up?

The training.

To which song do you dance when nobody is watching?

Well, I don’t really dance alone, I always play air drums while listening to Metallica songs.

Best buddies: Maxime Laheurte (FRA) & Samuel Costa (ITA)

Maxime Laheurte

Samuel Costa and Armin Bauer in Val di Fiemme

How did you meet / what’s your first memory of Francois?

Maxime: I don't have any first memory of him, we were too young!

Samuel: The first time I met Francois was in Val Gardena during our legendary after season party and we both where a little bit drunk so I cannot remember exactly what we talked (laughs).

What do you like about him?

Francois seems to be a very relaxed person and always in good mood. He does not get stressed easily.

Maxime: I like that when you are with François, you can't really be serious. It's easy to laugh even when the situation is not appropriate! (laughs)

What makes him into a champion?

Maxime: What makes him into a champion is that he is really invested in what he does, every time. He is a training machine!

Samuel: I think it’s his way to see the sport both on a professional and but also on an „easy“ side.

Funniest memory with him?

Samuel: Oh, well during some parties in Val Gardena we did some funny things. Enough said. (laughs)

I seriously can't stop laughing trying to choose the funniest memory with him, there are so many!!! Most of the time it ended with a 15 minutes crazy laugh crisis!!! (laughs)

If you could ask him any question, what would it be?

Samuel: I am really wondering: „Why are the French people so patriotic?“  

I think I asked everything I wanted to know!