Close fight for the podium at Russian Cup in Chaikovskiy

11 August 2014 21:36
A close fight at the Russian Cup in Chaikovskiy
A close fight at the Russian Cup in Chaikovskiy -

A really close fight for the available spots on the podium ensued at the 3rd stage of the Russian Cup in Chaikovskiy on the weekend. In the Team Sprint competition, the win went to Team Bashkortostan, represented by Damir Hinsertdinov and Ernest Yahin. They finished ahead of a mixed team from Moscow and St. Petersburg (Alex Seregin and Viacheslv Barkov). Team Tatarstan with Niaz Nabeev and Ivan Panin had the best end in a photo finish for the third rank.

A total of 10 teams from all over Russian took part in the competition. After the jumping part, the team from Moscow with Timofei Borisov and jumping sensation Evgeniy Klimov had been in the lead with a total of 232 points, followed by Hinsertdinov and Yahin who accumulated 221.5 points which meant a time disadvantage of 25 seconds for the winners to be. Nabeev and Panin started at the same time while the mixed team with Seregin and Barkov had to make up 2 minutes and nine seconds of time behind.

But with 30:33.2, the two set the fastest time on the track and managed to finish 38.3 seconds behind Hinsertdinov and Yahin who claimed a final rank one with the third fastest time for the 2x 7.5 kilometres in total. Tatarstan, Moscow and Sverdlovsk fought until the end for the third place on the podium and all finished within 2 seconds of each other, 49, 49.1 and 49.2 seconds after the winners.

Find the result list here.