COC: Alessandro Pittin does the hattrick in Rovaniemi!

17 March 2013 17:07
Pittin Final Ind. Gundersen 2013
Pittin Final Ind. Gundersen 2013 -

Italy's Alessandro Pittin has also won the Final Individual Gundersen competition in Rovaniemi today. After two jumps and 15 km of cross-country skiing, Pittin crossed the finish line a clear 1:51 earlier than runner-up Jakob Lange from Germany. Truls Johansen Soenstehagen also claimed another podium rank by finishing 2:25 after the winner Pittin.

In the ski jumping part, ski jumping expert Kristjan Ilves from Estonia had been in the lead after showing two jumps of 98 and 97 metres, giving him 259,5 points and a head start of 24 seconds on Harald Johnas Riiber from Norway (95,5 and 96 metres, 253,5 p.). Jakob Lange held an intermediate third rank (92 and 98 m: 250 p.) which he shared with Alessandro Pittin (94,5 and 95 m). They started 38 seconds behind Ilves.

In the cross-country race, Pittin really put the hammer down and showed the fastest cross-country time of 37:39.9 for the 15 km. Like Yesterday, Truls Johansen once more proved his stellar cross-country shape and set the second fastest cross-country time, improving from a 17th to a third rank. "I liked the race! Two jumps are maybe not made for me, but I'm very satisfied with third place! I've never been here at Rovaniemi before and with these results, I'm very satisfied! I think it was very nice here!" Austria's Harald Lemmerer and Italy's Lukas Runggaldier fought with Johansen for the last remaining podium spot but lost out narrowly.

Runner-ip Jakob Lange was of course also very happy with the course of the whole competition: "My condititions in the ski jumping part were good, but I also had mybest jumps for long time now! In the race, I tried not be caught by the group. I'm very satisfied that I could go at my own speed for such a long time. I'm really happy with this second ranke after 15 kilometres."

You can find the full result list here.

With this competition, Andreas Günter from Germany has won the Contintenal Cup overall with a total of 698 points, Harald Lemmerer followed with 549. Truls Soenstehagen Johansen claimed a final third place with 485 points, beating out France's Wilfried Cailleau (485 p.). 

See the overall standing here.