COC: Alessandro Pittin wins second competition in Rovaniemi

16 March 2013 16:57
Rovaniemi Ind Gund 2013
Rovaniemi Ind Gund 2013 -

After his Team Sprint win together with teammate Lukas Runggaldier yesterday, Alessandro Pittin has also claimed the win in today's Individual Gundersen competition today. Truls Soenstehagen Johansen from Norway came in second, 58.7 seconds behind Pittin, narrowly beating out Harald Lemmer of Austria, in a finish line sprint who finally finished 58.8 seconds after Pittin.

After the ski jumping competition round, Eetu Vähäsöyrinki of Finland was in the lead with a jump of 98,5 metres which gave him 132,5 points. This meant a tie with the Norwegian Harald Johnas Riiber and an advantage of 6 seconds on Alessandro Pittin.

Vähäsoyrinki finally finished the cross-country race as eighth. Truls Soenstehagen Johansen once again set the fasted time on the track with 25:47.6 and improved a 26th place and a time disadvantage of 01:24 to a podium finish as second: "My shape is very good! For sure, the jump wasn't so good, but I'm happy that the skiing went well." The weather at Rovaniemi was bright but cold during ski race as the sun was going down. However. this wasn't problem for Johansen: "Im from Norway. Im used to this kind of weather, so it was no problem for me at all".

In the end, Pittin proved too strong for both Johansen and Lemmerer who finished almost a minute later than the Italian who skied a lonely race at the front. Pittin was happy: "Finally, I had a good race today! My jump was on a good level and and the whole race went very well."

Harald Lemmer from Austria was also happy to his third place on the competition: "It was a good, good race for me. 'Im very satisfied. I though that I didn't  have any chances to be on the podium at all!" With a time disadvantage of exactly one minute, Lemmerer had to catch up a lot of time but finally beat out the rest of the following group consisting of Wilfried Cailleau, Lukas Runggaldier, Andreas Günter, David Pommer and Johannes Firn.

You can find the full result list here.

The last COC competition of the winter, a Final Individual Gundersen with two jumps and 15 km of skiing is on tomorrow at 10:00 with the ski jumping part. The race starts at 14:00.