COC: Andreas Günter sprints to win in Eisenerz

10 February 2013 04:16
Eisenerz COC winners I
Eisenerz COC winners I -

In the first competition in the wintry Ramsau in Eisenerz, Austria, the German Andreas Günter has continued the German winning streak. In a sprint for the finish line, he narrowly beat the Austrian local hero Paul Gerstgrasser by 0,1 seconds. Philipp Orter, also from Austria, finished third, 7,4 seconds after the winner.

After the ski jumping competition, Junior World Championship medalist Theo Hannon from France was in the lead after a jump of 98 metres and 32 seconds of head start on Andreas Günter. Hannon's teammate Wilfried Cailleau was starting only 2 seconds after Günter.

An exiting chase in heavy snowfall ensued in the cross-country part. Paul Gerstgrasser set the fastest cross-country time and improved from an intermediate 24th to his final second rank, even though he had a time difference of +01:50 to make up. In the end a finish line sprint and a photo finish had to decide: Andreas Günter was the winner. Theo Hannon ultimately reached a 8th rank.

In the following winner presentation, Günter was also awarded the green Continental Cup leader bib. "The race was really hard today", the winner said. "My first goal was to catch up with Theo Hannon and I managed that after some laps. I tried to attack to get away from the leading group then and ultimately, I could make it into the finish a tiny liiiiittle bit earlier than Paul Gerstgrasser!" 

The "unlucky" runner-up was not too sad about his result: "My competition jump was the best I had on this hill in this season. In the cross-country track, I tried to group up with Marco Pichlmayer and make up as much time as possible which worked out great. I had a really fast "rocket" ski and I am very happy about the second place."

Third placed Philipp Orter was also satisfied with his performance. "Finally I have turned into a competitor and am also able to show my training performances in the competition. I was not used to start so early, so I tried to keep it a little quiet and relaxed and get faster and faster in the end.  My skis were really good today and I was able to catch up, fight and achieved my personal best result today!"

You can find the full result list here.