COC: Austria I wins Team Sprint in Klingenthal

09 February 2014 04:49
Lemmerer changes over to Pichlmayer
Lemmerer changes over to Pichlmayer -
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On the second day of the long competition weekend in Klingenthal, a Team Sprint was on schedule for the COC athletes and Austria's Marco Pichlmayer made it one second place and one victory in two days, this time together with team-, club- and roommate Harald Lemmerer. The two finished 1.7 seconds ahead of the second-placed team Germany I (Haug/Faißt). The bronze rank went to the other German team, consisting of yesterday's winner Wolfgang Bösl and Philipp Blaurock.

Actually it had looked like a victory for Team Germany II for a long time. Bösl who again made the longest jump of the day with 138 metres (again, a joined achievement together with Austria's Mario Seidl) and his teammate Blaurock lead after the ski jumping round with a total point score of 254.7 points. For the cross-country track, this meant a head start of 14 seconds on the other German team which collected 247.7 points. Team Austria II consisting of Matthias Hochegger and Mario Seidl took the intermediate third rank with jumps of 125 and 138 metres and a total of 242 points. They followed on the track with 25 seconds of time behind.

The later winners only ranked eighth after jumping and had to make up a time behind of over one minute on the 2x 7.5 kilometre distance. In the course of the race, the intermediate leaders Bösl and Blaurock extended their lead to nearly 30 seconds at times and were also going into the final lap with over 20 seconds of advantage over the pursuers. But Marco Pichlmayer powered around the course in the last 1.5 kilometre lap, caught up with Bösl on the last uphill and was able take the speed from the last downhill with him for the sprint on the home stretch. In the end, he had about 2 second of advance while the leaders Bösl/Blaurock were also overtaken by their teammates from Team Germany I.

Team Austria II (Seidl/Hochegger) had to take the unlucky fourth rank, Team Norway II (Soetvik/Johansen) ended up on rank five and Tobias Simon and Johannes Wasel (Team Germany III) took rank six of the total 18 teams. The fastest time on the track also went to winner Pichlmayer who needed 16.46.9 seconds for his 7.5 kilometres. His teammate Lemmerer also set the fastest time for his group with 17:02.7.

The COC weekend in Klingenthal will finish with another Individual Gundersen competition today.

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