COC: Austrian Triple victory in PyeongChang

22 January 2016 23:00
3 x Austria on top in PyeongChang
3 x Austria on top in PyeongChang -

The Nordic Combined Continental Cup made a very first stop at the Olympic venue of 2018, PyeongChang and Team Austria thrived in the Asian country. The first three ranks went to Harald Lemmerer, Franz-Josef Rehrl and Marco Pichlmayer who finished with big time gaps. Lemmerer was the clear winner, 56.9 seconds ahead of Rehrl and one minute and 12 seconds ahead of Pichlmayer.

Due to strong wind, the Trial Round, which was scheduled at 8:30 AM, was cancelled at 8 and the Jury decided to hold the Competition Round instead. Lemmerer already had the top jump on the HS 109 hill in Alpensia ski resort, setting 99 metres and a total of 118.7 points. In second, Japan’s Hidefumi Denda came in with 100 metres and 114 points which meant 19 seconds of time behind. Tobias Haug ranked third, 39 seconds after Lemmerer. During the competition, Mikke Leinonen (FIN) fell after his landing and the competition was delayed frequently due to the strong wind.

Though it was extremely cold, the stadium was heated up as the many spectators on location were excited by the race.  Marco Pichlmayer skied the fastest cross-country time of 24:37.8 for the 10 kilometres and improved his intermediate 14th position to the podium. Local hero Je-un Park started from the fifth position with 50 seconds of time disadvantage and with a courageous race, he only had to let Antoine Gerard and Terence Weber pass. He himself overtook Denda and so the Korean was able to attend the prize giving ceremony as sixth.

Harald Lemmerer: „My jump itself was not that good due to strong wind but I was able to take the lead afterwards. The cross-country course was very difficult as there were ups and downs all along the way. I look forward to competing further in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic venue.“

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