COC: Bösl takes the day, Druml the overall in Kuusamo

16 March 2014 18:00
Bösl wins Kuusamo, Druml COC overall
Bösl wins Kuusamo, Druml COC overall -
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The last day of the Continental Cup season 2013/14 was an eventful one, as Germany's Wolfgang Bösl and Austria's Tomaz Druml were facing off one last time for the overall win in the Continental Cup. After having had troubles with the wind conditions at the beginning of the weekend, the last jumps were made in almost perfect sunny weather and the COC athletes enjoyed the old two-jump, 15 km format as the grand final of the season.

Wolfgang Bösl took the win of the day but in terms of the overall, it was not enough as Tomaz Druml took the second rank and secured 728 points which gave him the overall title over Bösl's final score of 699. The third rank went to Lukas Greiderer who collected 565 points during the winter of 2013/14.

After two rounds of jumping, Estonia's Kristjan Ilves once more proved that he is among the top jumpers of the field. He set 135.5 and 133 metres and  took the intermediate lead with 271.7 points and 24 seconds of head start on Norway's Oeystein Granbu Lien who collected 265.7 points with two jumps of 132 and 132.5 metres. Ilves' teammate Karl-August Tiirmaa ranked third with 263.2 points and 34 seconds of time behind. Later winner Wolfgang Bösl held a fourth position after the jumping and had 38 seconds to make up on Ilves. Tomaz Druml ranked 13th with 2 minutes and 24 seconds of time behind on Ilves.

In the race, the ninth fastest time on the 15 kilometres was enough for Bösl to catch the leading athletes and claim his win 17.3 seconds ahead of Druml. Blaurock and Granbu Lien switched their places with the German finishing 29.5 seconds after Bösl and the Norwegian falling back to 49.1 seconds of time behind on the winner. The fastest time on the track came from yesterday's winner Alexander Brandner who needed 40:08.7 for the 15 kilometres.

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