COC: Double Austrian victory in Høydalsmo

11 January 2014 16:23
Podium in Hoeydalsmo 2013/14
Podium in Hoeydalsmo 2013/14 -
Local OC

Sepp Schneider from Austria won the Continental Cup competition in Høydalsmo, 2,9 seconds ahead of his fellow Austrian Marco Pichlmayer. The winner of the jumping competition, Wolfgang Boesl from Germany, came in as third, 13,5 seconds after Schneider.

The conditions for the ski jumping round were very fine in Høydalsmo. Schneider and Pichelmayer both ended the jumping as number five  and started 36 second behind the leader in the cross-country race. Through the race, the two Austrians worked their way to the front with Schneider having the better end on the last couple of hundred metres."This was a really good race and I like the course", Schneider says, who also won the COC-competition in Høydalsmo in 2012.

Marco Pichelmayer has also won in Høydalsmo before. In 2011he won two competitions on a row, and now he hopes he the coach will consider him for a place in the world cup." I feel in good shape and have to speak to my coach after the competition tomorrow", Pichelmayer said with a big smile.

Wolfgang Boesl from Germany tried the best he could to have a hang on the two Austrians in the cross-country, but in the last round he had to let them go. "I tried to stay close, but in the last round I was very tired" the German explained.

For the overall, this result did not change the top three places which are still held by the dominators of the competitions in the U.S.A: Bill Demong, Tomaz Druml and Lukas Runggaldier.

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