COC: Double victory in Park City for Tomaz Druml

13 December 2014 17:46
Druml wins again in Park City and shares the podium with Runggaldier & Minato
Druml wins again in Park City and shares the podium with Runggaldier & Minato -

Oops, he did it again. Austria’s Tomaz Druml has claimed the second victory in the course of two days in the second Continental Cup competition in Park City, USA today. Druml crossed the finish line 2.9 seconds ahead of Lukas Runggaldier from Italy. Japan’s Yusuke Minato claimed his first ever Continental Cup podium since 2008 with rank three. He finished 25.8 seconds after Druml.

With a great jump of 91 metres, Minato had taken the lead in the jumping part on the previous afternoon with a total of 114.5 points which translated into a 6-second lead on teammate Go Sonehara who landed at 89.5 metres. German Philipp Blaurock showcased his jumping shape one more time with 89.5 metres, 112 points and an intermediate third rank with 10 seconds of time disadvantage on Minato.

Austrian youngster Franz-Josef Rehrl claimed the intermediate fourth rank before favourite Druml came in as fifth, only 24 seconds behind the leaders, an easy distance to cross for the fast Druml. Also coming in with a total of 108.5 points were Lukas Greiderer and Russia’s Ernest Yahin, so that the trio shared the fifth rank and went out on the track together at 24 seconds of time behind. Only two seconds after that was the fast Italian Lukas Runggaldier who had something to make up for after his disqualification in the previous competition.

Billy Demong spearheaded the hopes of the local crowd, claiming an intermediate 14th place while Taylor Fletcher did not have a good jump once more and ended up on a 20th place with +1:36 to make up which was still in the realm of doable for the lightning fast American, though.

In the race, Druml was able to overtake the four athletes skiing in front of him but had stiff competition from Italy’s Lukas Runggaldier who is also known for his strength on the cross-country track. In the end, it was only a close 3 seconds of advantage that Druml had over Runggaldier and not the comfortable 15 seconds like yesterday.

While Sonehara, Blaurock and Rehrl had to let go of the leaders during the race, Japanese Yusuke Minato held onto a great third place. He managed to keep Lukas Greiderer and Taylor Fletcher, who skied trough the field with the fastest time on the track, at bay in the end. Fletcher needed 25:45.2 for the 10 kilometres and improved his 20th rank after jumping into a final fifth one. The Top Ten were rounded out by France’s Geoffrey Lafarge, Harald Lemmerer, Franz-Josef Rehrl, Philipp Blaurock and Alexander Brandner.

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For the overall, this means a clear lead of Tomaz Druml with a total of 200 points now. Lukas Greiderer is second (130), Yusuke Minato third (96). The Continental Cup will resume at Klingenthal, Germany next weekend if the weather conditions allow it. A final decision about the competitions will be made on Monday afternoon.

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