COC: Fletcher turns tables on Pommer

13 December 2015 23:01
Taylor Fletcher finally wins at home
Taylor Fletcher finally wins at home -

In a thrilling finish to the three-competition weekend at Utah, local hero Taylor Fletcher finally managed to claim onto the very top of the podium. In a repetition of yesterday’s race, Pommer and Fletcher arrived at the finish line at the same time again, this time, thought, the American had the better end and won by 0.1 seconds. The third rank went to Pommer’s teammate FJ Rehrl.

Hisaki Nagamine once more dominated the jumping race and took his third jumping victory within three days. With another great jump of 96 metres, the Japanese accumulated 126 points and a 14 second start on the big favourite, David Pommer who landed at 94 metres and made his aspirations for a triple victory quite clear. USA’s Ben Berend proved his strong jumping shape by snagging the intermediate second place with 94 metres and 122.5 points, the same amount as Pommer. Russia’s Niaz Nabeev followed 22 seconds later, Franz-Josef Rehrl had 28 seconds to make up.

After the jumping event, it had not looked very positive for an American victory with Taylor Fletcher landing at 86.5 metres and one minute and 16 seconds behind Nagamine but this time, the local hero proved unstoppable and turned the tables on Pommer in the race. With the fastet cross-country time of 22:21.3, Fletcher flew past Pommer on the final stretch and had the upper hand. With the second-fastest time of the day, Bernhard Flaschberger moved up from an 18th to a final fourth position, the third fastest time saw Norway’s Truls Johansen move up from rank 26 to a final eleventh position.

With four athletes in the Top Ten, Austria had a great team result again, followed by the USA and Norway with two athletes each, Russia and Italy had one Top Ten finisher per team.

In the overall ranking, Pommer is in the lead after the first weekend with a total of 280 points, Fletcher follows in second with 240, Bernhard Flaschberger ranks third with 130 points. The next Continental Cup events will take place in Høyalsmo, Norway at the beginning of January.

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