COC: Herola makes it a double in Ruka

16 January 2016 16:13
Double victory for Ilkka Herola in Ruka
Double victory for Ilkka Herola in Ruka -

The FIS Continental Cup weekend in Kuusamo was a great success for Finland’s Ilkka Herola, 20. He was the gold medallist in the Individual Gundersen competitions both on Friday and Saturday in the Northern Finnish venue of Ruka. The second and third positions of the day went to Harald Lemmerer and Lukas Greiderer, both from Austria.

The ski jumping part of the competition was done in the morning in excellent weather and no wind disturbances. According to the three winners, the hill has a great profile and it was in good condition. Herola won the jumping event with 133 metres and a total of 137.3 points, beating our Germany’s Tobias Haug who offered 131 metres (133.8 p.) and Japanese Hidefumi Denda with 130 metres (132 p.).

After the win in the ski jump in the morning, Herola started his cross-country race 14 seconds ahead of Haug and 21 seconds ahead of Denda. The true competition for the win, however, came from Austria’s Harald Lemmerer who started 42 seconds behind Herola after an eighth place in the jumping event. Other fast skiers like Bernhard Flaschberger and Hugo Buffard were ranked too far back (+2:35 and +5:27) to  make any attempts towards the victory.

At the finish line, Herola’s lead was 6.5 seconds before the Austrian Harald Lemmerer who tried to make up time on Herola during the first part of the race but had to concede defeat to the strength of the Finnish World Cup athlete. Another 2.8 seconds later, Lemmerer’s teammate Lukas Greiderer crossed the finish line, claiming the remaining podium position.

France’s Antoine Gerard had a strong result with a fourth place and COC overall leader Franz-Josef Rehrl captured the fifth position ahead of Espen Andersen from Norway.

Ski Jumping Results
Final Results

In the overall, Franz-Josef Rehrl now leads with 387 points, Martin Fritz is second with 310 and Bermhard Flaschberger third with 288 points.

Overall Standings