COC: Lodwick continues winning streak

17 December 2012 09:02
Lodwick winner COC Soldier Hollow III
Lodwick winner COC Soldier Hollow III -

Todd Lodwick has continued his Continental Cup winning streak in Soldier Hollow today. The American old hand crossed the finish line a clear 37 seconds earlier than Austria's Sepp Schneider. Nicolas Martin from France came in third, 40,1 seconds behind the winner.  This weekend's podium candidates Wilfried Cailleau (FRA) and Daito Takahasi (JPN) finished inside the Top Ten again with the ranks six and seven.

After the ski jumping part, Cailleau was in the lead with a jump of 93 metres and 119 points and started the race eight seconds ahead of Sepp Schneider. Lodwick showed a strong jump of 90,5 metres (115,5 p.) and was only fourteen seconds behind Cailleau at the beginning of the cross-country race. He quickly caught the leading group and never relinquished the control of the race again.

Sepp Schneider and Nicolas Martin were battling back and forth on the final lap but the Austrian was able to prevail: "It was a hard race. At the end I was still able to push when Martin was coming towards me. I was second in the jump but Todd (Lodwick) caught me on the first lap. He's a really good skier."  Brett Denney once again moved up from 48th to 14th with the second fastest cross country time.

Of course, Lodwicks bottom line of the weekend was completely positive: "There was a lot of pressure coming into this weekend to earn my spot back on the World Cup.I always hold myself to a high standard. When I'm not competing at the highest level I'm very frustrated. Now, I don't have a monkey on my back any more. I had to perform - this was my ticket back to the World Cup and the rest of my season. To start it off with a victory, to follow it up with another and then today with the hat trick I couldn't ask for a better weekend."

Staff and volunteers at the Utah Olympic Park and Soldier Hollow did an amazing job in a low snow December to produce three world class competitions. The next COC competitions are on in Wisla, Poland on the 5th and 6th of January.


You can find the full result list here.