COC: Marjan Jelenko takes win in Chaux-Neuve

05 March 2016 17:12
Marjan Jelenko
Marjan Jelenko -
Sandra Volk

The win in the first of two COC events in Chaux-Neuve went to Slovenia’s Marjan Jelenko. He finished 16.4 seconds ahead of Thomas Jöbstl from Austria and 17.8 seconds earlier than Jöbstl’s teammate Martin Fritz.

Clearly the strongest jumper of the field, Jelenko set great 117.5 metres on Chaux-Neuve’s HS 118 hill and had an advantage of 53 seconds on second-placed local hero Laurent Muhlethaler who landed at 109 metres 118.4 p.). Martin Fritz also held the third intermediate position with 109 metres (117.9) which meant he started 55 seconds later than Jelenko.

On the track, the Slovenian skied a lonely race and defented his advantage well on the 10 kilometres, even though Jöbstl advanced from the 12th rank with the third-fastest cross-country time. Martin Fritz had to let his fast teammate pass but overtook Muhlethaler and defended the podium rank against his also advancing teammate Harald Lemmerer who ended up on the fourth position, 18.8 seconds behind Jelenko.

The rest of the Top Ten ranks were taken up by Simen Tiller, David Welde, Philipp Blaurock, Espen Andersen and Truls Johansen who set the fastest cross-country time once more and entered the Top Ten coming from the intermediate 35th position.

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